Farming Guide - in game: Farm School

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Welcome to Farm School - your in-game guide to farming.

At the school you can find the following:

General Farming Guide & Tips

Layout for all crops

  • Maximum Crop Yield
  • Maximum Seed Yield
  • Sustaining Yield

Crop Display
Deco Plant Display
Tools Display

Data for each crop and bonus blocks (special thanks to Mayumi’s Guide!)

Also a guide by @Saint-X : Link

And you will be right next to my farm if you want to see one in action.

Just a few notes: everything is functional, not overly artistic. Blocks and layouts are as simple as possible and can be reproduced consistently. There are MANY other ways to lay things out so go for it! I love to see great examples of farms. I wandered all around and I suggest you do as well…there are some amazingly creative folks out there!

So if you are interested in learning to farm…come on by, all are welcome. :slight_smile:

Where is Farm School at? (updated May 7,2020)

Farm School is located on Alder in Fireborn Nomad City (planet capital)

Alder: 998 N, 212 E, Alt 119

You can reach it conveniently from any of several portals for Farm School / Speedhunts / Underminer

Fireborn Nomads Hub

Sasquatchville near the TNT Megahub for Alder

DKMall across from the TNT Megahub for Tana VII

ONSMS Onesimus near the TNT Megahub for Cephonex Merika

ILLumiNaughty City hub on Trior (facing East)

Portal Seekers Alder (S4)

Gleam Universe - secret portal in the NE

and there are tokens available if you would like to create more! Just ping if you need a different size. :slight_smile:

I hope everyone likes it…and feedback is always welcome.

Ayalla / Underminer / Speedhunter

P.S. And, of course, Speed Hunt tokens for 10 planets are linked there as well.
P.P.S. And don’t let me forget to thank all of the great farmers and others who contributed so much data for this to be made accurately - thanks to you all! (I will link names once I figure it out lol)

Last note: There are also two portals to farm the rare gleam colors Oxide Violet and Ashen Berry set up for maximum efficiency - 2 blocks with one swing using a cheap cross or above/below AoE hammer.


I saw this place other day. Remember sneaking up on ya! Pretty awesome set up. Recommend coming to see if need help getting farming down alot of information. Displays available with great layouts. :+1:

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Ohhh I’ll definitely be coming to study here :laughing: brilliant idea!

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I will definately be swinging by after work. I’ve got a working farm going but it’s small scale right now. I didnt want too much to tear down if I see or think of a better way. Thanks for doing this, you’re the best


I went by your farm school. I looked at some of your examples and compare them with my setup. For the most part, I have similar setup. I did notice some inaccuracies on your part. For one, there was a sign saying water flows 4, and down 1. I have a rice farm setup where water actually flows up to 7 blocks away from source, or entry point. Also worth mentioning is that any rice plant 7 blocks away from closest water source will grow 2x slower than rice plants in flowing water, and any rice plant directly beneath water dropping from another altitude will not grow at all. Also, the point about lava killing plants. From what I’ve tested when growing exotic earthy near lava, then grew just fine. I got setup where I grow combustion fraction or kindling mass on the same chiseled block which lava is in. The lava killing plant part may only be true if applied to growing goo.

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Great stuff, thanks for doing this! :slight_smile: I’ll share this one!!

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Thanks for the feedback all - much appreciated!

@SolidAtomic I will definitely test the water flow more…and look at some more specifics with lava and rice. There is a lot to the rice and water flow…just already so many signs. lol!

For the lava, the hot zone around that one block in the ground will kill grass if planted in that hot zone…and lava kills plants if it actually touches them, like when you mess up placing lava on a farm section that is already growing…then you have no more plants…lol…not that I have done that…multiple times. :slight_smile:

Thanks again all!

Ayalla / Underminer / Speedhunter


Wow what a great job done here…very impressive .
Was just what i needed to enhance my farm further ,very informative and well layed out and easy to read and understand .
Great job Ayalla…I will return for more ideas about setup,thx for sharing :slight_smile:

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I went for a visit and I learned some finer details that saved me some time experimenting, then I want back and forth a few more times to re check some more details as I was building a rice farm. So what you have done here is very much appreciated thank you.

Absolutely amazing setup and well presented, I will definitely be directing any farming related questions to your school. My only criticism is that the portals to the place really should be labelled “Farming School” as this will help others who don’t necessarily read the forums be more likely to stumble upon what you have done here and learn some things too. I understand your place is more than just a farming school, but this place deserves to be advertised heavily!

Edit: I didn’t see any goo farming information there… did I simply miss it or have you not built one? I would love to see one if you do as I’ve seen a lot of misinformation shared and poorly optimized setups being built.


Amazing idea!

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Thanks all!

Thanks @wakeNbake for the marketing tips! I’ll work on getting those signs changed :slight_smile:

Also @SolidAtomic - great tip on the water…changed with added display.

And I have yet to tackle goo since it is not yet currently sustainable. But at some point I’m sure we will get there. :slight_smile:

Love the feedback all - thanks!

Ayalla / Underminer / Speedhunter

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I see you square chisel all the blocks that need water embedded in them. Have you tried slope chiseling? The advantage of slope chiseling is that the crops can be planted on those blocks. It’s possible to plant crop and add water on the same slope child blocks. I noticed that your rice fame is only 3 blocks. Taking advantage of slope chiseling, it’s possible to make the rice field as wide as you want. You can also plant on rice on the sloped chisel which water flows down. The downside is you may have to slope chisel the entire field of compact blocks.

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I do slope chisel my foliage for the berries. Makes it easier to plant and harvest stacked rows.

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Personally, I’m having an absolute blast playing with the goo farming. Only on a small scale and very much experimental so far in an attempt to understand the colour morphing more before I go large scale.

Now please don’t take this as an attack or an argument starter but I believe the goo farming is brilliant the way it is, of course that is merely my opinion as I love the idea of things (certain colours for instance) being truly rare and therefore sought after… I don’t want to see every building on a planet suddenly painted in shadow colours, I want to be the only person in the game with one (as unlikely as that is to be).

But anyway I have approximately 10,000 kernels (in various colours admittedly) and I estimate this to produce approximately 100,000 pigments over time which in turn will paint around 200,000 bricks or a bit over 100,000 decorative marble/mosaiic. How long this will take of course depends on how large I build my farm and while these are of course maturing I will no doubt visit enough Exo planets to gather many many more seeds in a variety of colours.

Anyway if you are interested in discussing further and seeing what I have done then I would be happy to show you.

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I just check this place 2 days ago, It amazing !!
Please check it if you are new to the farm system. Very helpful :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Only thing I don’t like about slope chiseled foliage is the berry plant looked all bunched up. It’s not aesthetically appealing.

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this is true in my opinion also. . I just put that field in the back. . When I am harvesting 400 plants at a time I am going for speed.

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Cool I’ll give this place a visit before I start farming myself.

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Thanks for setting this up, I’m finding it useful as I’m at the point of changing from max seed to sustain with a few of my crops!

I have spotted a couple of places where I have a little better percentages though, it may have already been pointed out to you, but thought I would give my input to help improve this excellent guide:

Ancient Oat, max seed

Swap the gleam in your example to mud to keep same max seed but bump crop up 30%

Oortian rice, max seed

You do point out that you can improve crop with seed but it varies, however all of my rice is at 120/115.

This is tricky to see where the differences are, as my rice fields have a different structure to yours, you would be welcome to come look, if it’s of interest.


Thanks @fidach!

Updated :slight_smile: The irony there is you can even see in the picture I have my own farm correct…lol!

Rice is trickier…I might look at a separate wing for rice just to cover all sorts of different build options…but that would be down the road after a couple other projects. lol

Thanks again,