New Player Information Beginner Links/Guides 2023!

So something has come to my attention and it’s been bothering me. When lurking here on the forum and searching for “new player guide”, or just the word “guide”, there is a lot OLD info there shown right away in the little widget as - apparently - the most relevant results. I saw an opportunity for us all to easily and quickly aggregate our favorite information from the forum into a little “greatest hits”, and in doing so, improve the lives of everyone’s favorite Invisible Attentive Self-Teaching Noobs!!!

This topic is Made here in the General catagory, with tags, since when searching the forum for “Guide” there is no explicit direction to the … ya know… GUIDES SECTION…

…not to mention we need current topics and threads for a number of reasons…
I used to be a CM… so… looking at you staff. Good posts are good, heck even sock puppet accounts can make popular posts… :wink: :face_with_peeking_eye: :kissing_heart: … Hey maybe a “New Player? No Stupid Questions here!” topic or something. I can think of 5 off top EASY … in all seriousness, leadership helps keeps nerds from fighting. If YOU, the people wearing the brand - love the game more than us, then we don’t get to thug it out because you already own these streets yaheard?
You already know what time it is.
So -
Here are some awesome articles here on this forum that have been insanely instrumental for me in my time here. In no particular order.

This is hands down the most important for me as a farmer/miner guy. EVERYTHING about Farming and how. This farm school still exists in game as of this post but you need to get there via indirect routes.

Another absolute monster of a guide with tons of great info about HOW TO actually mine rock, GAMER style. Great guide, as far as I know it’s all 100% still.

This is Boundless Usefull References… Pretty base but some stuff that you just can’t find easy hard info on. Hope it’s … accurate… kinda only ever used it for certain things though.

Look for Hunt Announcements / Events …(to make oorts/coin if nothing else)
Watch for NEW EXOS … (to make coin/rare drops if nothing else)

And Finally, Use the Forum. Use the “Search” box, and if you don’t find an answer or an up to date answer, ask. It helps show we have a pulse here, and, if anything, you can try to word your question in an open ended way that might help others find that info when they search the forum or google/whatever.

Yo so, fellow Nerd Gamers, Share please the most important links!!
Oh! Someone post B.U.T.T.! I forgot!


…almost wasn’t gonna post because I don’t know if it’s accurate but… I’ve used this to sort of get an idea about portal distances when I was… new and poor and had to worry about coin :innocent: … This is a google docs link … Boundless Portal Helper


Game hasnt changed that much after launch.

@Jiivita has YouTube channel that cover Pretty much every update so if you dont like reading i would go check his videos


@Jiivita has done great work for the player experience with their videos. Early on, the video’s were a great help.

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As a new player, Thank you KAEFR for this post.
Here’s a few links that have been shared with me:

Boundless Lexicon


Boundless Information Station


Welcome! I think I saw you in discord maybe? :smiley:

also, Boundless Wiki the wiki has some good info that is hard to find here on the forums. Sadly its not “complete” like say the “Runescape wiki” or something like that, but it has some good info on it as well, to my knowledge its as up to date as anything, even if its not complete.

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Collected these over the years.


There’s also the damage calculator, forge simulator, and block drops. A nice complement to B.U.T.T. is Mayumi’s recipe tool.