[Guide] What you need to know over Plants, Seed & Crops to build a Farm

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[Guide] What you need to know over Plants, Seed & Crops to build a Farm

After I want to start build my own Farm, I had the first problem I don’t know which seed I must plant in which ground

Thats why I make a Google Sheet whit all this Informations for all player

In this sheet you get Info about:

  • Whichs Plant give which seed & crop
  • Which light you need
  • What give bonus or negativ effect to crop & seed yield
  • What skill you need for planting
  • Where you can find the plant & seed

—> Google Sheet for all Farm Information <—

here some preview Picture

Feel free to commit the sheet here on in the sheet direct if you have any Idea what i should add or anything else. I will see what i can do than.

I hope this sheet will help some people.


Extremely useful, great work, thanks for this!! :smiley:

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This stuff has already been data mined.


That’s been up since like… the middle of the first week of farming being released.

It’s also been determined that fertilizers are a waste of resources to use.

More ways to see the data works for me. There have been requests for a google docs version, the formatting can be easier to do there than with my poor css skills :smiley:


i know there is a site but the overview is not so nice, and some information are not
available there. thats why i make a google sheet

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What data do you need outside of seed and crop yields along with what blocks work with each crop and seed yield? Fertilizers are useless.

The only thing these data tables don’t tell you is the optimized 1 plot design for each crop.

I don’t see much of a difference between the way the data is displayed from a google doc and the website.

Mainly I am just saying that the most important data out there has been out there from a very early stage of the content’s release.

Why are you attacking someones efforts to help the community even if it has been done before?


Thanks for that, will help a lot :+1:

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I play this game since 2014, thats normal here…anyone will cry over every thing you do.

as example ultima makes for free a portal network… and some people cry because they dont find the portal…

Nice job @Saint-X thanks!

If you don’t mind, I will link it in my Farm School thread…I have a link to @Mayumichi’s sheet there as well.

Thanks again,


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Awesome job…that’s what I was looking for …layout and look is great…thankyou

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@Ayalla Link me as much as you want :+1:

@superman101 thx

i will add later some good layout if i found some
in the red marked area is extra for this free