Project - Boundless School [Looking for people and guilds to start together]

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Project Name: Boundless School

Basically the idea is to create Boundless version’s Hogwarts, we will provide student residence for new players to use ( from basic to end game machine setup), and some in game tutorial room setup for new players to learn Boundless better.

Because this idea is kind of complicated to explain, so i will list it by category.

1. Guild towers
I am looking for some great guilds to join and build their guild tower.

I think most of you guys watched Harry Potter before, The Guild Tower is similar to the 4 house in the movie. Each Guild will need to provide their own student residence (about 10 to 20 room), and a great setup student hall for new players to meet each other. The design style is free, just need to be a tower, it will be best if you can build some style can represent your guild’s identity.

2. Student Grade

Basically grade 8 to 9 are brand new players, grade 10 to 12 are mid level of players.
For grade 8 to 9 they will live in the student residence with only basic machine setup, and grade 10 to 12 they will move to the room with full power machine setup. Also the class they have will be different too.
(From beginning to EXO world mining / hunting)

3. Class
Basically every instructor need to build their tutorial room depends on what kind of category they want to involve, it can be farming / mining/ hunting / portal network / EXO Tips / Design …etc. Anything you can think, you can teach. We will write down the instructor’s name on the portal to their tutorial room, if instructor they wish, they can leave their personal discord for new players to ask questions.

Tutorial room example:

4. Student Residence

It doesn’t need to locate in guild tower, you guys can build somewhere in the same planet and link it by portal. but just make sure that 1 room only for 1 student to use until graduate.

5. Graduation
When new players close to end game, they can decide to graduate from school which is the time for them to move out from the student residence, and they may want to join the guild depends on how many effort you guys teaching them ! We can also assign a graduate test for them for fun :smile:

6. Location.
I haven’t decide where to setup this big project, but I think will be somewhere in US EAST Planet.
I want to see how many of you guys want to on board before I start looking for a big area to start :slight_smile:

Looking for great Guilds great Instructors to join this project :boundless:

I feel this idea is very hard to achieve base on current population. But i think it will bring a lot of fun and good for community as well. Let me know what you guys think about this idea :stuck_out_tongue:



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Can i be Hagrid?


Perhaps contact DK and Spicewhale? They are doing a Boundless Uni type of thing on Kada…

They got some recent funding too to help…


In a month we will have 7 huge centers for noobs. :smile:

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And 6 new players! :rofl:


Nothing a potential freak gasoline accident can’t solve. :shushing_face:


Best movie scene ever


I will take a look tonight for sure :grinning:
But now, I need to go to office to work :dizzy_face:

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If @Buugi isn’t allowed to be Hagrid, I’m out.


I second this sentiment.

@Buugi for Hagrid/2020

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I will build him a little hut :blush:

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