Farming Sneak Peek: Part 2 Ready!

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So I played around with some basic stuff and here you can see it (almost) live.
I left crops to grow and beacon to pass the hour mark to be able to use water and lava blocks. Also queued new machines in workbenches.

So the video covers seeds planting and fertilizing and color spraying (for fun while waiting for crops to grow).

Next parts will show placing water and hopefully harvesting the few crops I planted, using the new machines, and planting the none-organic crops.

For now enjoy the humble beginnings:


Thanks @boundmore, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately the farming update happened when I was starting my working week, so I can’t have a longer session to cover everything.
Still, here’s video on my next steps: planting none-organic crops and testing liquid blocks of all kind (water/lava and the new ones!)


Thanks! :slight_smile: Glad you tested putting that water block up on the hill like that… I was wanting to see how that would act. Thinking of making a waterfall or two down the hill near my settlement. Seems like it should work well, just will have to dig it so it doesn’t spread out too far.

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What about resinfall? :wink: that yellow oil liquid

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It has a really small spread area…


Good to know, thanks!

I wonder, does having water flow over slides or ice negate the slippery effect of it? It seems from watching that the current isn’t enough to carry you, at least not in shallow water as you see there. But, I’m thinking, what if you built a big slide then threw water on it to create a flume slide? I love those things IRL so thinking maybe I could build a big water flume slide down a mountain into a pool?


Flowimg water has no ‘push’ as it stands, though totally want to do it


If that idea works, I’m stealing it! Hey, I’m an honest theif. What can I say? :sunglasses:


I’m the same… we’re very friendly and honorable thieves at least! :wink:

And hey, more waterslides, the better! :smiley:

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It does work on slopes so that’s the idea. I will play with it more for sure.