FARMING TIPS --->share them now!


to kick it off ill ping the almighty tree off knowledge our as we call him @almund honor us with your wisdom :pray:

give tips our give alternative tips
dont debate them please !


Some tips I can give

  • Gleam lanterns emit light up to 7 blocks, when gleam color is right.
  • Use chisel and place liquid that plants like there.
  • When using lava to chiseled block it will burn anything adjacent that it can, even when it has visual wall between because lava is populated by whole block.

Powerful gleam colors seem to be these

Older layout I did use with organics, don’t trust table on there. Game got updates after that.


Can someone share what planets give what crops please and thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve heard the combustion fraction and kindling mass mentioned a few times - but wth do they actually do? Just a new fuel source for furnaces/spark gens?


Make pies and bricks etc. now even faster!


Combustion fraction is a better fuel source, while kindling mass is used to make fuels burn faster


How does Farming Epic skill affect yield and fertilizers? Does the Farming Epic skill has to be switch on always for it to work?


I’ve started trying to grow some combustion fraction in a controlled underground environment. I can’t max out yet for crop yields, but my initial setup for seeds is only 110%. I really hope someone can do better lol