Fatal Error on character select


As the title says, since this evenings update every time I switch characters the game crashes hard! I usually end up having to restart steam to get back into the game.


If you had the option to submit a crash dump, was it submitted around the time of this post?


It’s not giving me the option when it crashes


If the issue has occurred in your last 3 play sessions, then please go to the pathname specified in the FAQ:

And then send us the following files:

  • log.txt
  • log.txt.1
  • log.txt.2
  • log.txt.3


Will do as soon as I get home this evening


Just happened again, HERE is the link to the log


Thanks for supplying the log. From looking at it, there seems to be a couple of lines where the game isn’t loading two files correctly, which suggests that there is some file corruption.

From the Steam client, could you right-click on the game name and then select Properties -> Local Files? Then click on the option ‘Verify integrity of game files…’ before loading the game. Hopefully it shouldn’t crash after you switch characters. If it does, then please send us another log file.


Thanks for the reply @vdragon, I had already done a fresh install of the game yesterday which seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for the help.