Feedback from Goo Farm

That’s if rng doesn’t wreak havoc on you.


One of the exo-world currently available?

I believe it was Pendronethand. But not 100%

I think I went on that one. Got warm fuschia, cherry and colors like that.

So Deco then

Yeah that is ridiculous. What is the point of letting us be horticulturalists if we cannot even get the plants to reproduce? Everything should at least be over 100% so that it is possible to profit seeds. I would be less upset if they locked a 6% seed yield boost behind a 5 point skill than not letting us farm for goo seeds at all. We need some additional farming skills anyhow :man_shrugging:


Ragit has luminous red

I described a bit the thought process behind Goo production here @illuminawtyness :

I was like you when i was the testing thinking 100% seed return was the way to go, but after some thinking having less than 100% will make sense over time.

Isn’t it Decos? They kinda pop up fast at the moment and have a hard time to remember what came from who h planet… It was the second planet that had goo…

Edit: yeah Ragit! Thanks stomp!

It’s annoying with the loses. I’m aiming to mutate them into the nearest primary colours I could find or had and mix them in theory you should be able to get most colours tho lost volume due to 10% It won’t be an endless supply

I made a post yesterday asking what scale is used to predict how the goo will mutate. I guess no one knows yet and devs either havent seen my post or want us to figure it out for ourselves. Personally, i’ve come to the conclusion morphing goo is a waste of time and we’re better off with using the 350% crop yield and mixing the pigments to get desired colors. Unless you’re aiming for white/black sprays.

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I understand how the mutation works but its behind an unknown algorythm, it works like paint would do. If you add black to a color it will darken it, white will lighten it etc. This is a similar algorythm for the pigment processor and goo mutation. I may come with something eventually if we can figure out the algorythm.

We didnt figure out yet why some color like mixing 1 white and 1 black become rust salte and not a grey variation.

Roughly the logic behind the goo mutation is that it will check every color between the starting point(goo color) to end point(gleam color) and shift toward from the start point to the end point by one step. There is still a 20% chance to shift toward a random direction in the color scheme

For the pigment processor it will add all the color together in the mix then take the closest color in the boundless color tab from the result.


Gotta say, I’ve had a really bad time with RNG yesterday on goo.
In my “seed optimized” setup for goo (which clocks at 90% seed yield), RNG made me loose a 1/3 of my goo kernels, I couldn’t re-plant all, and probably lost the most advanced mutated colors I had.
Kinda pissed about it.

Really hope the devs re-balance that stuff out!

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Tbh, I’d advise against the 90% set up, as the crop is literally so low.

I find the best is 215% Crop 75% seed. That way you’re guaranteed at least 2 goo, with a high chance to retain the seed


I made both setups, with 40 goo crops each.

There might also be an option to go slightly higher on seed and still maintain the 2+ on crop if you have the farming epic. It gives a +20% to crop yields.

Not tested it myself yet though.

I have the farming epic skill myself. Didn’t help much.

I have the farming epic. And 215/75 is the best balanced return I’ve managed to get.

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If I plant to rock I can get 220/80. But I like gleam mutation more so my numbers are same like yours :slight_smile:

I’ve made two setups. The first one is the “seed” oriented setup with 0% crop yield / 90% seed yield. After the first harvest, with all farming skills, I got a seed return of 33/40. Because of RNG, it’s almost 1/4th of seeds lost.

On the “crop” oriented setup with 210% crop yield / 75% seed yield, I got a seed return of 28/40.

(for the record, in this setup, all the brick blocks are cut in halves, and the top part is filled with lava - the gleam is left uncut : the goo kernels would burn when you plant them otherwise)

The rate of color mutation added to the rate of seed loss and the quantity of pigments I would need for this thing to be useful, I’m starting to think I should need a goo farm 5 times bigger… but even then, I mean, it’s gonna be worthless to me… especially since you can only spray-paint wood and stone things. I haven’t tested yet, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to paint the growth, for example.

With the quantity of pigments we need to paint things, I need AT LEAST 99% seed return. Y’know, like a setup where I mutate the colors, where I know the goo will survive to the test of time, AND a setup where the mutation of colors isn’t important, but the crop yield is.

I was terribly disappointed to find out just now that I can’t spray paint boulder chips or boulder rings. That was THE ONE thing I was looking forward to paint, since it logically seemed to fit in the rock family.

@james TL;DR, I think the seed yield of goo in an optimized setup needs a good boost from the devs. I also think the limitations on what can or can’t be spray-painted should be seriously loosened. Otherwise, the entire goo/paint feature is basically useless.


Also the one block per spray can is way too low…