Feedback: Rewards, long-term Monetisation and the Exchange!


i send @AmandaPan to get me markers for locations sometimes, i guess thats a type of exploring job :thinking: but is not something she can keep doing constantly for income.


You are making more money than me by far. I have not sold a thing. Like you, I am a solo player and cities were not made for me. The economic discussions do make it appear the game was made for communities of people and big business (which is likely why most small shops have nothing in them for sale and request baskets with no budget). I have made request baskets and shop stands just to try and do the training. I never have put one out though and they just sit on my shelves.

I’ll be glad to see everyone start from scratch. I’m expecting it to be more interesting then. With starting over on the horizon, it’s possible I’ll still upgrade to a higher level. If everyone didn’t start over though I likely would rarely play as the economic competition and political or prestige competition kind of spoils the game and there are other games without that competition and politics.


but this 100% defeats exactly whats james tries to imply as a promise in the OP above I am wanting to make the game as Flat/even for all as possible so there is balance for everyone

Doubtful, but then i hope due to this it will be virtually a 100% different game… it like WoW and other MMOs and etc… the players of xx genre will always be more in the know than other players… however… there is no need to dump on the little guy… which is why i don’t realy like this kind of in-game commuinty power struggle* -i love you guys as individuals… Moeius… yourself… many others i have met along the way in the 3+ years of playing on and off… you guys are always willing to help those less off than yourselves… but… at the end of the day if its supposed to be a game for everyone with everything in balance how is that ever going to be possible if what you say about the community aspect is true?

The only reason i don’t (100%) incorperate as a community is because i love to figure it out… i love to teach myself to help others the only time i need assistence from others is when i am looking for a good deal on power coils and portal blocks (example) because from step one >>> step 10 of creation (especially since i level differentl) is skill-based beyond my understandings

I hope this makes sense now in what i a trying to say?


@ElfMarinemaybe us two should band together (like everyone else seems to) and maybe grab a few others along the way and create our own happy little family :stuck_out_tongue:

but joking aside… i would like to try andd group with like-minded people… i am just not a builder in essence… i am an explorer… hunter… miner and gatherer mainly :slight_smile: - so yes i get it…

Everyone has their own part to play… but when i look at all the ritches that come from building and crafting and etc (some one i know claims to be one of the ritchest people in game - due to this) this is when i start sucking lemmons :wink:


I’m not sure it would be possible to make a game completely flat/even for everyone and still keep it interesting enough that people want to play it. I’m sure there will be (and know there has been already) a lot of effort in trying to make this a game that many people can enjoy, but if they try and appease 100% of the people 100% of the time, the game will flop I think.

For me, the thing that drew me to Boundless, was that it was always intended to be a community driven game - and for the most part it is - but it still allows a solo player to achieve most of the same thing, albeit at an understandably slower rate.


you see that’s where context gets lost in text based chats… i meant as an example of what james is trying to do… maybe he meant the monetization side of things more than in-game? but i still stand by as saying… example in WoW… you have your quest seekeres… your dungeoneers… your lore-wardens/keepers… your mount hunters… etc… and then you have you guilds who group together to do all of the above… thats the point i am trying to make… and wish the game would be more accepting of doing so

what i am trying to (currently) say is that it seems (maybe not deliberatly?) to be a heavy bottleneck to those soloists


Maybe currently with skill restrictions per character… but that’s originally why alts were added, so solo players could experience the full breadth of the game without needing to interact with anyone else.

It’s only natural though that groups of people will progress at a much faster pace that solo players, especially if they have complimentary skill sets and common goals.

As I understand it, there is actually a rework in the skill system underway… one that could potentially allow you to unlock all skills with a single character (or at least make switching skill sets on a single character possible), so that should hopefully alleviate some of that bottleneck.


that i have not found on the forum yet but what i am trying to say fully is…

  • yes i understand the need for (and enjoy) communities in this game
  • the communities we have in this game so far … as helpful as they are willing to be and as open to accepting other joiners… sometimes it does seem to be a bit hey this is our group heavy?
  • because of this (the alt factor) i get confused in this kind of game who am i going to be today? oh damn… i still have to help the Aqua guys on their builds… ok… well that alt is lagging behind… maybe i can throw my current alt at them who has more skills? and then its like gah… building now for 4 hours… its my time now, see you tomorrow so then i hnt/gather/explore for hours and hours… next day is the same confusion all over again

but now we are gooing way off OP topic (which i appologize for) - so to summarize…

  • i love communities and understand the need…
  • the way skilling (currently works) and the ammount of alt (accounts) i have is very confusing now (my own fault ofc)
  • ^ which is why i tend to do my own thing 90% more than anything else
  • ^ which is also the biggest issue - because i am missing out on much needed help from a community - and lets face it… with my activites on forum and in-game… i am not cut out to form my own :wink:


There should be a balance for everyone, and i feel like they are moving towards with every update. What kind of balance are you looking for between a solo player and a group? 2 people can farm, build, craft etc more than 1 player given that they play the same amount hours. of course there are many variables but overall is pretty balance. I think the balance in question is between professions, builder, explorer, merchant(i dont know what the classes they try to balance are).

As the original post mentioned the group meteorite event is OP, which could easily be fix with a share XP between the group members instead of per kill, or add damage threshold per mob so everyone needs to do a certain amount of damage to receive the XP instead of simply tagging everything. So solo you can still have the share XP but since is only one person you receive 100% of the XP earn(probably making the XP gap between them closer).

I hope my comment wasn’t misunderstood, i just strongly believe people playing together will always advance faster than individually.

I get you, i started like everyone else, alone. this was before the compass was this helpful, i played 2 weeks before i knew there was a capital or saw anyone. i understand how it is to play solo, while i played through the levels i figured one of the most important resources was the community. i dont find myself playing solo because i build a community around me who help me and i help them, and power coils is a @%##^% no matter what level you are, i barely manage to get enough materials for the ones i have but i got them quicker because i had a community to back me up.


I’m still keen on enabling players to sell Blueprints of their builds (or parts of builds). I think this would be a really cool way for creative players to get an in-game reward for the part of the game they enjoy.

(However, assuming players could sell Blueprints for coin, I’m not really sure how much income it would generate for them.)


Me either, I’m a little sceptical that there would be enough of a desire for these as a commodity. It’s certainly not of the same repeatable sale model that selling general goods is.


if there was something an adept builder could make to make their blue prints worth it. someone mentioned the blue prints paste the build as long as you have the required materials… that would definitely make it more than worth buying blue print specially if they are a 1 time use.


Essentially the way I see blueprints going, is that certain limitations would come into play, like the viability of the location as compared to the terrain shape of the blueprint etc.
Also, I think that most people would rather just build something and have a somewhat original design rather than a carbon copy of a generic shop for example.
The main use case I could see is if you were designing a building specifically for someone, or if you wanted to repeat the same building around a city you were making. I don’t see them being traded that much or really sold in shops at all.


I would buy blueprints from a good builder. Most folks I wouldn’t. The good builders yes. I wouldn’t be able to make it as cool as they had done since I doubt I will ever learn to chisel well (the only chiseling I have done is to complete the objective) or do anything else as well. However, knowing what I want where to achieve the basic idea of what I want would be worth buying. I build just for a place to use on a planet and the challenge of learning something different (plus it’s something to do with materials I gather and craft). I don’t want money for building and blueprints is something to spend my daily and weekly bonuses on. There are many of us that would build more if we had blueprints we could buy.

If possible, when making blueprints a part of the game hopefully, make them not available for resale. That way the builders get the money they want all the time rather than people buying and using then selling after copying.


Unfortunately, me either - which is why, although a nice idea in principle, I don’t think it’s a sustainable source of income for a builder.

There must be some way a builder (and explorer) can earn coin in the same repeatable way as the other professions


Personally I would buy a blueprint where I had to actually place the materials etc. It’s a design I would want including what the materials are. Then I know what materials to gather or craft and where to place them. Then I can adjust to fit the terrain and any changes I want to make and can always alter as I see fit. That original blueprint is worth it and I can make it as original as I like after that.

If no blueprints then once I saved enough from my daily and weekly bonuses I would pay a builder to build on my plots with materials I obtained. It’s more fun to build it myself though with a blueprint. I would buy blueprints before I ever bought things like tools and weapons that I can just make myself since it doesn’t require any real ability other than using the skill points where I want. Building is the one thing really worth paying for since most of us don’t have the design ability and never will. Thats why some games I play the builders are the rich folks and have no footfall. Most of those builders since they keep building also rent out properties they build and retain ownership. So, they do very well with weekly rental income (some with hundreds of places they rent out) plus the build jobs. They acquire the materials themselves usually so they get paid for a week or even month of time getting materials and the actual construction is usually a day or two. Alas, I don’t make money in any game other than Star Citizen though. Making money just isn’t something of interest to me in games. Star Citizen I trade for now. Once the game is released I’ll trade when I don’t have other things to do, fight when I feel like, but, mostly I will explore. In that game you get paid exploring too. My exploration ship has a ton of space for cargo, so, rather than flying home empty just load up with cargo and sell that too for extra income. My corporation provides the protection with fighters and crew for the weapons on my ship. Boundless I don’t see any opportunities to make money as an explorer other than a small amount selling atlases as a shopkeeper. So, I don’t plan on ever making money in Boundless other than I’ll likely set up a stand sometime for foods and brews I make since it doesn’t take time and I make far more than I ever will have a use for. It’s not worth effort to me though so perhaps I’ll just keep making shelves to put them on. lol


Coin drops while you chisel something :joy:


i think blueprints could be big! any one remember Ultima online and how you did houses. i already have a business model planed out which I am happy to share.

you buy a base building 2x2 4x4 8x8 with difrent names like classic Victorian or weather beaten steam punk. then I would sell additions. 4x4 steam punk work shop or mideval kitchen. over time a good builder could have a lot of original blueprints for sale. further more building the structures and selling them on a property sales plynth would continualy earn exp and coin



I personally like and agree with the direction of the shop.

I am also not worried if it is 100% balanced at release. As a dev team you have been very open to feedback and constantly working with the community. If something turns out to be unbalanced then you seem very open to patching it to fix it.

Looking forward to seeing it in action



You said. Most of us are lucky to make 4.5k a week? What? I was making that with stone tools. You can get 4.5k off one tech device block? or 1.5 with the component drops. They drop 3-6 with high luck and still sell for about 300.

Let’s talk easy to gather stuff. 50 Per Fibrous Leaf, What is bark 30/40? Hard Coal sells for 60 ish, all coal sells okay. Shimmering Orbs go for 300 a piece. Milk Sacs 80, Gleam just under a 100. Most ore you can get a steady income from. Fragments and Shards do okay. This is basic stuff. You can make 4.5k in an hour with early game tools just selling stuff you gather. No bombs, No Pies, Bad Tools, No Skills.

Now let’s talk end game again. 900 diamonds on two persistant pies?. Yes on a good run. Average probably 650-700 + Titanium + Gold + Iron + Fossils + Coal etc etc. 4.5k end game is about 10 seconds. It’s literally that quick when you walk into the mine. You don’t need rush, just follow a pattern. Diamond price is dropping and will continue to with luck effecting it now.
Emeralds you get less from but you get tech. You can still do pretty well, I’d rate them below diamonds because you don’t get any hard coal, much medium coal or any titanium.
Rubies you get silver with which are okay too, lot of gravel though at the upper height, my third favorite. The yields tend to be a bit lower but you get titanium again at the lower depths and gold. I think if you stuck to the lower depths i’d rate it higher than emeralds but you need a good spot.

I haven’t tried topaz, I plan to next as nobodies come by to drop any off at my shop. Sapphire are annoying but okay for tech as you see the higher tech more, just difficult to get a decent run, unless you have a lot of mines.

This is just mining. You can go gather bark with a ruby axe, or leaves and make 40k an hour with a diamond axe in a swamp.