First attempts at rift forging!


Personal as of right now. Saving them for next set of exo planets to see how they work.


Here you go:


This is max efficiency:

And stats for that:

Plus forging epic.


Well feel free to add my on psn. Same name as here


I’m actually quite pleased with how the grapple turned out:


sniff, sniff :cry:


(it works better for comedic effect)



I have forged about 40 rift hammers now. Got few good ones but unless they balance it better either with effectiveness or removing the energy drain a little lower its not worth forging at all. Its a little disappointing at the moment cant have the new tools be part of the economy side of the game.


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Looks awesome bud, glad you’re having fun with it!


Nice… I like the grapple! I will definitely use my rift for slingbows and grapples. Thanks for posting! Ignore the trolls! Tools and toys rule!!!


Wow!! I’m drooling on that damage! Nice work


Thanks friend :sunglasses:


Bahahaha. I got a mass craft working on a second. These blocks are so awesome looking though I want to build with them.


It’s actually costing me nothing but my time. If I bought everything to forge them would cost me about 5k to forge one. So even if sold it it’s still a profit. May not be as much profit as selling deco or refined ones. Depends what price sell 1 block for


5k??? what are you on :slight_smile:


you couldnt even buy the bases for 5k.


Most forging compounds are 110c and under. At least where I’ve bought them. When forgot to make more. Most expensive one is 1,250c and I even accounted for that compound.


If thats the case
I would like to put in an order for 1000 aoe tools then and i will pay triple for 1.5 million coin?


sry maths off 15 mill