First attempts at rift forging!


Technically, they don’t cost me anything, as I gather and craft it all myself.

Even then, it doesn’t take much more than gem tools.

I guess you just need some more practice on the forge, if thats how many mats you thinks necessary.

Anyway, this thread was quite fun and entertaining until your post.

Please tone down the attitude, or refrain from posting further.


edit: I should say, your are welcome to your opinions, of course, but please express them in a more constructive manner. I think everyone would appreciate that.


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@fidach I used your set up but changed one thing. If get how you’ve been doing it. (Like methodology forum method) I just used boon boost instead of the 2nd gum. Get random boon first but usually workable boon and then do effect gum for rest of the rounds


It does seem so far, that bows and grapples are the best use of rift.

Gonna test them out shortly on a t7.

I’m not convinced that a rift hammer is all that better than a diamond, when you balance out pies and brews. And the energy drain is off-putting!


I’ve not experimented with boon boost yet (unfortunate limitation of ps4, no forge testing, but I could go on for ages about that!).

Will need to have a look into it.

I do tend to decide what I want before hand and try to target, but I’m always keen to hear/try different methods.


Yeah on ps4 too. Used boon boost on totem forging before. It sucks no testing. Have wasted my fair share of compounds figuring out forging.


I was using an AOE titanium with max damage and a mega strength brew on Gotho. With max mining spec I could 1 shot rock.


Earlier today I went out with my +50 action 3x3 saph hammers with a strength brew and with 2 of those rift hammers I posted above. Let’s just say the rift hammer is still at 90% durability 'cos I switched to the saph hammers pretty darn quickly!

such a waste for a pretty hammer!


This is my latest attempt at a sling:

I’m going to post a step by step of how I forged it, will link it here when I’m done!


Forged this on my 2nd try, without paste stacking at all. Exactly the same method as gem tools, just a stronger boon. Doubt it would have been more than 3k worth of forge mats.

Not sure where you got your info (or why youre so angry about it), but youre wrong.


How much are you selling them for? I seen forged ones going for 50, so i am not sure how much for regular. 10? 15?


Decided to make some Rift Hammers.

Max Damage, AOE and Magnet ( I prefer to keep Magnet on my hammers ). I also decided to just accept Quirks via draining boon. I used Quirk Transmute to ensure they wouldn’t really be that annoying (no wonkytrigger/jumping/night-day ones)

This hammer would be perfect to me, but I accidently got confused on the Nutri challenge one and thought it was the ‘easier to use when well fed’ version, not the works when hungry version. My mistake! But with these big hammers…4 more energy cost LOL less then a 10% impact.

Using the Quirk Boon allowed me to fill up the other options too. Probably use this on my slingbows too to ensure they get maxed.


The energy drain scares me away from using rift for hammers. But I would love to hear about results when testing this hammer.


It should be better then diamond.

2 Hits with a Diamond on T7 is 72 Energy
1 Hit with this is 72 Energy

This should 1 hit the sand/gravel too. So it should be a net save on energy and I can use a fast brew. We will see!


I’ve been wondering if energy brew would have a use for this as well.


After further testing the rift tools I actually think they did a good job with the forge balance. Only wish is the energy drain would be lower on hammers. Overall the process keeps you on your toes and makes it interesting and entertaining for the most part. Well done devs


1 hit with diamond on a strength brew


Only rocks, not sand/gravel


Debstep forged these, she’s working on my set now.

I don’t forge but I’m told this was expensive. Totally worth it.


That’s if you’re trying to waste hammer durability on sand/gravel. From my mining expeditions it seems like most people leave the sand and gravel.