First attempts at rift forging!


In a normal expedition I would agree. With the planets being limited and it a race to gather what is there I like to quickly move forward and just destroy everything easily. Seeing what is behind that gravel/sand is a weakness of mine haha


Yea don’t think there’s many doing that on the exo planets. At least not in the hot spots I’ve been to. Can’t tell ya how much was left behind. Had two ss of fragments the one time because of how much was left. Lot of rift left too. But I don’t mine in the traditional way it seems. Lot of jump mining going on nowadays


Funny story about that. Not to derail I put a detailed description of my rift selling activities over here:

In the forging/pricing department - debstep made a rank 480 last night and we’re trying for more. I don’t forge but those of you who do can make what you will of this pic:

100k offer wasn’t even tempting.


I couldn’t even imagine paying that much for a tool. Even back when prices were high they never got close to that.


Fair enough, it’s not for sale :slight_smile: This round isn’t even about cost efficiency it’s about playing a MMO in a way I sure never have before.

Has anyone else spoken up? Did I mine/craft and then she forge the first rank 480 tool on live servers?

TBH she was describing it to another friend and i didn’t really understand everything that was happening but he was like “oh so that’s a 200k grapple then”.

So yeah, this is not a commercial type solution just a race to be (among the) first. And they’re BEAUTIFUL :tada:


Very nice. Wow 583 rounds! Maybe I won’t forge my slings lol


Not sure if it’s the first. But some have done some 340s with only using about 4K worth of forge mats it seems like. Don’t think there is a real need yet for 480 rank things yet. Maybe when titans get here.


I made an axe for an awesome loot stick. I didn’t make any more tools they’re so OP right now.

I have to agree on this, this was for fun not for profit or need. At 21m, i forget what level of boon that is, these offer more range than any gem. They have similar stats for speed so there’s no need to max them out to outperform diamond/emerald.

If you’re not choosy about quirks it’s even better. This forge could have been stopped (I can’t remember exactly) by level 100 or so and these would outperform gems.


I’ve been using gem and titanium tools on the exoplanets with decent success. So I may not forge the rift stuff yet. On a side note, I didn’t notice if there were rift chisels in the tools??? Thinking of a change chisel for them if possible.


I believe @AeneaGames said there’s not but says there were recipes for it. I was hoping to change some of my refined rift but alas can’t yet. I’m sure they’ll be add later when all the new gems are in game from planets.


Yeah at this time the chisels aren’t offered, nor any spanners.

Also I’m starting to float an offer of 1k/piece I need 22 pieces of rough umbris. We can trade around I have a tiny bit of blink and some rift left as well.


As for the first to run with one, i dunno i can get a forged bow for 50k, thank you though.


Guys I’m just posting it here because it’s a thread about trying to get the new tools forged.

And IMO it was probably about as ‘exciting’ as forging can get.

The grapple in those pics is definitely not for sale, as far as I know at any price.


I can make one


Just finished my new process


I sold 2 mass crafts of forged bows and grapples yesterday. I can adimt when i am wrong. Very easy and efficient to forge rift. I recant my statement :slight_smile:


How about a direct public apology for calling me a liar?


lol not gonna your still too cocky.


Well then, good to see the type of person you are.

What about just a thank you then?

For posting this:

Which it’s reasonable to assume led to this:

Particularly after your reaction the other day.


To be honest i never read anything that was posted to that topic. and anything you quoted wasn’t read either. Would of said the same thing if it would of been anyone. If you just assumed it was a troll you would be correct. As long as forum messages can be hidden by just players. The going consensus rules and in many cases its wrong. I did admit i was wrong and that should be enough. Thanking you? i don’t know why. I never scrolled thru the topic to read anything that posted prior.