First attempts at rift forging!


and to be quite fair everyone is posting outrageous junk in the form of rift. Full of quirks and defect so apparently they are doing it wrong since i have yet to get a defect or quirk with MY method.


and that my friend is why i have not only sold the 40 pieces from yesterday but also another 40 today. I see a trend and its not buying quirk or defect

one thing i read from you was key and i will give credit.

This lit a fire and made ME devise a new method. SO Thank you! Fidach

This is what i meant when i said Inefficient. 583 rounds of quirk that wont turn a profit.


We got a tally on what this cost. I’ve turned down profitable offers. Not many though since I’ve been clear that these aren’t currently for sale.

I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong though Nobody wants to go that far for something to turn it over to coin.

We spoke and accepted quirks for a grapple that’s got 50% more forged range, almost 50% more reel speed, and almost 2x the dura of what you’re posting.

My grapples also give me added sprint speed, added fall armor, and a couple of thousand extra HP.


Nobody is over here crying about coin we’re spitting out rank 480 gapples for ‘family’ and friends. At less than 30k per piece to forge it’s not a real problem, just eating deb’s time.

I think people are over here trying to have fun so maybe you want to take your ■■■■ down a notch.


or we can take it up one?

Dr_Doom_231#0407 on discord. Dr_Doom_231 psn. Planet Express server voice anytime.

Honestly i understand what you are doing and cheers to that but i was using that method as an example and not a attack against you so just relax :slight_smile:


Aye then you know who i am and right where to find me on discord. I don’t need to chase you down lol.

Caught that edit so fair enough. We’re here to have fun. That’s all.


using that method as an example of inefficiency is all i did. Like i said relax


intresting the max level is 420 huh? cannabis rulez :stuck_out_tongue:


SLOW 3 also. *why doesnt slow show on info?

trying HARD af to get them higher with no defect/quirk and still staying efficient to forge. IE forge 6-9 at once. 380 is MY current but its looking like it a 360-380 product over the 60 i have forged.
15k for no Q/D and better than alternative gem typs. Seems to be fair IMO


Wow, this is hilarious!


Thanks for telling us who you are so we can avoid your shops and buildings. And yes I check who owns a place before I give them footfall. For the fact I’ve run into too many toxic people in this game.


Why do quirks even get bad reps? Having best of health/that sinking feeling/and random noises is a perfectly fine combo of quirks that actually helps.