"Practice Grapples" (rank 480)


I gave debstep a set of grapples to practice forging with. The first one was great but then this:


This was the first time I watched a full forging process

Aaaand the mate:

Only rank 400 :smiley:

I hope that mine come out this well.

First attempts at rift forging!

Please don’t post many pictures of successful forging lest we get a nerf :joy:


Game has been retitled: NerfBoundless


At nearly 600 rounds of juggling ingredients, I doubt if these grapples are OP.

I sure hope not!


Gotta throw a little disclaimer that i am not hating on the game, i like it a looot xD.

Going with the joke, its nerffull ha ha xD


You never know what sparks the nerflings of the community. THiS iS tOo OP nErF iT dEvs. :joy:


Lol, what was the total cost of making that though o.o


I didn’t know anything could rank higher than 400 :open_mouth:


Because they start at 180 (as opposed to 100 for regular gems).


I honestly don’t even have any idea how to calculate it into coin. I watched and I still don’t know what all ingredients were used or market price for them. Some large numbers were tossed around lol.

The real cost is the shared efforts of several friends.

She had already done a 400 with lower boons, and to be honest we were all expecting these to also be capped at 400.

480 was a great surprise!


as you can see in the one picture where it shows items that was used, i used 583 items. it was all 100 at the start, in the end i used:
190 ingiv 1 pastes,
93 protection 2 pastes,
89 stable 2 pastes,
93 dura gums,
36 effect gums,
46 draining boon 2
9 quirk transmutes,
24 cat 2
1 resin
for one grapple

i honestly dont know what the cost is in terms of coins now, i trade items for items a lot now lol


You don’t by chance read the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent?

Sorry for OT but this reminded me of how the trolls speak in it! :sweat_smile:


Hehe no i don’t :grin:. I guess this way of speaking is a common way to mock something/someone online.


:open_mouth: that is a lot of stuff


Ah, I actually didn’t realize that!


That list…Oh. My. Gawwwwwd :open_mouth:


I recently opened a forging mats shop so was curious. If I were to buy all the base materials, it would cost me 28,873c to craft the mats you used. Honestly that is less then I expected.


Thanks you this is good to actually know.


My Set Is Done!!!

oh Deb thanks again!!