[FIXED] regenerated blocks not dropping loot


Oh the only way this change affects me is by giving me my plots back. I already kind of put running a shop on the back burner so I haven’t been using farms to stock my shop. Tho I guess tools may go up in price due to this but I can afford that anyway. So for me nothing will change really.


Yeah I can adapt. But if this was intended I don’t see how it wasn’t made a bigger deal. They all know how this changes most people’s game style. I did like the grInd personally before I knew about regen bombs. A slower implementation would be nice into this.


I seriously doubt this change is intentional if they didn’t communicate it. I may be mistaken, but usually when Wonderstruck plan to nurf something (Bomb Mining, Forging, Rock exp), they usually communicate it first


Back to normal gathering through exploring.
Good old days from before block drops.

I see it as a good change.


Prepare for the price rise on shimmering orbs and other high end farm nerfed items! Let’s hope it is a unintentional bug and fixed before the price hikes!


Can feel james’ cringe at “stealth nerf” from here. I have no doubt he’s more upset at the idea of that than anyone. Thats not how they roll.


Not for bomb mining, i still remember it correctly, they accidentally forget to put it in patch notes at first place, they just added it couple hours or days before they release that patch. Also, they didn’t really ask how many players want it or not, they just remove it. This why so many players left because of that change. After bomb mining removing, rest of patch they do release a reason behind it before they release the huge nerf. But still no discussion with players as well. They are still playing their own game, and removing all the things they feel it acting like exploit. I hope this farm change is not real, because i know a lot of people spend many times to build farms for other players to use. This patch basically make their work become completely useless lol.
Its should be either not exist at first place, or keep it as part of boundless’s community. Nerf it right after players spend their time, is not a wise choice at all.


Than heres hoping we can get confirmation from wonderstruck pronto if this is indeed the same case, or infact a bug


Man. This would kill me. The mat requirements are tedious as it is.

I might have quit a while ago if it wasn’t for farms.

I’ve been annoyed at how many mats CAN’T be farmed.

Edit: Ah, man. I just realized that’s what I was going to do tonight…


I have only just reached the point where I have just managed to build a small shimmer farm and make my own regen bombs to finally be able to get a reasonable supply of them so I could actually have something worthwhile to put in a shop. I have spent a lot of time and effort and died many times in the process and if this nerf is intentional then I’m beginning to lose a lot of faith in this game as everytime I manage to finally get to a point where I feel like I’m making some actual progress the rug gets pulled out from under me … feeling very demotivated and disappointed at the moment


If this is not a bug…I may say good bye. I would rather not. I love this game. Please…let this be a bug and be fixed. I don’t know what else to say.


Regenerated block aren’t dug up though, previously I could place soil and get earthyam from it, the notes sound like that’s what they fixed.

I’m a bit afraid that glowcaps will go extinct with this change, they’re really rare. A total of ~4200 across all known worlds. Bark has a low drop chance too, are there big forests on high tier planets?


Norkyna is where I used to get my bark. Right outside the Ultima hub. Plenty of big trees


Indeed, @james, @vdragon how about it? Intentional or a bug that slipped through?

Also I don’t want to tag you two in the thread about guild buffs, but I would like to know if the bug is now solved or not and that it’s safe to turn them back on. Only had 2 but now paid for 5 (did only grapple last time just in case).


The problem is, that is very much “how they roll.” They have a history of not including nerfs in patch notes. I would assume it was a bug if it weren’t for a track record they have built up.

And that is my problem if this is, in fact, an intentional change. That it wasn’t communicated. I’m still operating under the assumption that it is a bug because it is not in the patch notes, but I can’t be sure. I posted this late, so wasn’t expecting any dev response quickly, bit hopefully at some point today we’ll get some clarification on this issue.


I hope it’s a bug. But looks like its intended. If so that sucks for self sufficient players. I’m really not into playing the economy game. Boundlesstrade is a good site but if this game is gonna go in the direction of being heavily economy driven, we need something like that site implemented into the game itself.


If this mean to be like this how other players will now know what is regenerated by bomb and what isn’t?

Something with regeneration bomb has changed. Visually it is now builds blocks slower rate one layer at time, before it was instant on my screen.


The thing they should have been more clear about was that regen bombed blocks become “dug up” blocks.

I assumed “dug up” blocks would purely be blocks that a player has picked up and placed back into the world.


But there is a line about dug up blocks. Regen bombs could potentially be making those counted as dug up blocks.

Again I commented about it on the testing thread and I was dismissed. No one bothered checking it out.


I mustve missed that post, the rock xp possibly flooded that post out as well. The wording of the change was also easy to miss while reading through. But im on ps4 so there’s only so much i can do myself :sleepy: