[FIXED] regenerated blocks not dropping loot


I have heard that this is a bug and will be fixed today. I didn’t hear it first hand, but from someone I believe.


That text wasn’t clear to me so I did ask about it and got answers about that player placed mud drops yams so I
thought it is fix for it. :smiley:


Yea i see it now, i skimmed over it because it was neither confirmed or denied

This is the confusing part though. When i read soil i think clay, peat, and silty. I guess mud, growth, gravel etc is considered soil as well


Wording seemed clear to me, SOIL.


Bolder and quoted for emphasis


That thread is 800 posts long, no wonder it got buried. There was also a lot of other things to test, so I don’t feel it’s fair you’re blaming PC players for not testing everything. Many things were also changed at the last minute, so it could’ve worked the day before the patch went live. There are also no growth or any other farms on testing afaik, there are just a few planets there, a single T4, a couple T3’s and lower. You have to make your own portal network just to efficiently travel between the planets, so it’s not something most people do.

Is this the post you’re talking about?


The point is there isn’t enough testing on test server.

Don’t look to where blame is placed. That’s a smaller problem of a bigger problem.

E: this game has a dreadfully small population so the amount of tests it can reasonably do is already low. A way to boost this is to add some sort of perk to the testing server. The more you have on test the more likely you are to discover potential problems or unnoticed changes.


I would agree if this is a bug, then the people PAID to do QA are not doing enough of it.

As someone not being paid, I do not feel it is my responsibility to look for bugs whether I have access or not to testing.

Edit, I do agree with your point that the more players that do test the more likely bugs are to be found.


Totally agree with you. I’ve made that same comment a few times. Always the negative Nancy I’m sure people see me as, but it’s just the facts of the situation.

These are the issues of a small dev group. Sucks for them and it sucks for the player base.

E: that’s why I edited the other post. If there was something to test that had a tangible benefit more people might be likely to help actually test.

Maybe a small cubit reward for bug identification or something similar. I don’t know, something.


I understand your point on trying to incent players to test, but I think that would upset the ps4 players that do not even have the option. Would it be worth it? I have no idea.

It might just be a no win situation with a small development team and a small player base (as you stated).


You’re right, and I made that suggestion as a primarily ps4 player. You’re right in that it’s a no win situation. Someone will feel slighted I’m sure but at the end of the day I just want to see this studio succeed and the game be a success.

Oh well. I’m out of coffee and out of ideas. :coffee:


Such panic. Why you guys cannot take it easy and wait. This was a bug not a hidden nerf.


Yay fixed! Will need to test it.


Panic? You don’t think the discussion of this led to them looking in to the problem? This was pretty reasonable discussion imo throughout the thread. Some might be a little more extreme by nothing I’d construe as panic.


If it’s a nerf, it might be the death of my interest in the game. It’s tedious gathering ingredients in a farm, never mind trying to gather them in the wild.

We planned our network for 3 months and now our entire network is useless. A lot of things have been changed and nerfed but this is the first time Ive seriously thought about quitting.

feeling very demotivated and disappointed at the moment

If this is not a bug…I may say good bye.

The problem is, that is very much “how they roll.” They have a history of not including nerfs in patch notes. I would assume it was a bug if it weren’t for a track record they have built up.

My point is not to tell how players complain, but the tendency of game community recently. I just dont understand all this fuss. Here nerf, there nerf, this makes my game harder etc. Almost everytopic is like that. Instead of showing support to developers, there is constant criticism.

I get that we have right to show what we think is not right but not this way. Imagine you would put all your heart into a project and instead of getting support and encouragement you would receive bad feedback. I dont say this game is perfect, its far from it. Do I enjoy it ? Hell yes.

Our community is rather small, its niche game. Maybe we should rethink how we say our opinions ?


I look at those comments as vital feedback. I worked in customer service for a long time. That’s basically what logistics management is when you get to the end of the day. Yes you’re responsible for making sure everything is where it is meant to be but st the same time you’re constantly dealing with peoples complaints about the way you operate your chain, because they expect to have things at a certain time, a certain way, etc. if I changed things, no matter how critical to efficiency, there would always be blowback. I listened to them the best I could, and sometimes that’s all they needed was to be heard. Being acknowledged was a key retention point. If they didn’t feel they were at least being heard then when that contract expires they were more likely to find someone else in the future.

I look at gamers the same way. Especially in a small population environment such as this one where you really can’t afford to have people leave without bringing new numbers. Any change brings about issues. Communication is extremely vital and key.

People aren’t going to post on forums when they’re having fun(generally), they’re playing the game in those instances. Imo if the forum is slow it’s because people are too busy playing


Or because they’re at work and cant play the game :frowning:


There’s no point being in the business of selling a product if you can’t handle pretty polite complaints about that product. My ‘complaint’ was merely a statement of it being a bit rubbish if the feature had been deliberately altered to make a tedious, grindy aspect of the game more so. It wasn’t harsh or threatening.