[FIXED] regenerated blocks not dropping loot


Saw someone else mention this on discord, so I went and tested myself. I went through my favorite growth farm twice and harvested 651 growth. I got 1 shimmering orb. previously I would get about 1 orb for every 20 growth. Hopefully this is a bug and not another nerf that didn’t make its way into the patch notes.


I noticed the same, my farm stopped putting out orbs after the update, maybe the occasional one or two when it used to be dozens. There goes my pass time activity, Netflix and farm.


Yes, i just ran a few runs in our gravel farm. I shoveled almost 24 smart stacks of gravel and got 51 saltpetre. Im going to assume that this is a bug and not working as intended due to the recent update. Yes please let us know whats going on.


Probably a smart way for the devs to combat farming macros, much science is needed to learn the new rules


Sap has a pretty high drop rate compared to some of those and shows a quick reduction of about 90% drop rate after the first pass with a regen bomb.

Tested in my trunk farm and in the wild,also tested taking turns with someone else’s regen and and someone who wasn’t there when the blocks were regenerated, it’s definitely the regenerated blocks.

Exo mechanic slippage? Maybe?

Very few barks

Well I mentioned it on the testing notes and people dismissed me. But…

I took this as farms wouldn’t work the same anymore since regen bombs aren’t normal regeneration, it’s player forced regeneration.

Again I’m going to say the people that can test don’t do enough of it.


I was mining growth for orbs also and couldn’t figure out why after five smart stack all I had was around 20 orbs, I regened the area around four times, stayed in one area.

Now that I can survive on the level four planets unless I get ganged up on, I prefer to get the growth out in the open, I do my orb/growth mining on Delta C and usually get road runners, hoppers, spitters and cuttletrunks and get a couple eyes and sometimes ortstones from the road runners, couple times a feather.

Definitely something is messed up, hope it is a bug and not a nerfing, that will not go over well.


Haven’t been to any of the farms today but what I noticed, might be related.

Earlier, I was replacing Iron beams and posts with Titanium Beams and posts. I’d smash an Iron beam, place a Titanium beam and I got the warning tool tip that usually shows up when you smash a block and put the exact one back again. I got no xp for any of the Titanium beams or posts that I put down in place of the Iron ones. But if I placed them elsewhere, where there had been no beams or posts, I got the xp.

Iron beams and posts aren’t Titanium beams and posts. So, could be a related bug?

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Maybe a bug. There has seem to have been a couple this release. Maybe @james or @vdragon can let us know


i asked about that and someone said it was because when you were placing soil on ground and harvesting it, it would still give the earthyam while other placed blocks like rock,trunk,growth drops has been removed in a previous patch.


If it’s a nerf, it might be the death of my interest in the game. It’s tedious gathering ingredients in a farm, never mind trying to gather them in the wild.


But the patch notes are about placed stuff… And the issue is with regenerated stuff… Probs a bug.


Looks like tress were affected as well. Gotta go back to farming the ole fashion way. Sap and bark cant be got from the same tree as well


Good nerf IMO, but ppl are gonna be upset. A lot of thought goes into farm construction


Overall i kinda like if this is permanent. Yes its not someones cup of tea.
Im not crazy farmer but this would actually help with coin changing owner. People would prefer buy stuff more thab go gather it


Yea but is forced regen not technically done by the player? I imagine they can tell what is done by player and done naturally. Tho I hope it’s a bug. @Gorillastomp as well.


We planned our network for 3 months and now our entire network is useless. A lot of things have been changed and nerfed but this is the first time Ive seriously thought about quitting.


Yeah this is the part I don’t like. The ppl who set up the farms put in legit work. Couldn’t care less about the w+m1 folks. I think this nerf (if it is one) should be held off until maybe farming provides the builders with an alternative reason to bring ppl to their beacons.

I’ll keep brainstorming on this too. The farm builders shouldn’t be punished. Maybe there is another way. Oh AoE, how many casualties must we suffer at your hand


I’d actually be happy to get all my plots and blocks back from the farms I have. It could go towards the guild town and my own builds. Lol


Perhaps the dismissal was a lack of understanding. People are very upset about this. This is a huge change to gameplay. The nature of most games are to use exploits to create that gamers union and comradely feel. I get it. I sure do. But is a entirely flat game really going to keep us?