Flashes of foliage in screen

Is it just me or does foliage randomly flash on the screen from time to time. Only a split second it appears. Anyone else have this issue? I wasn’t even near trees!!!


I used to have it happen a lot last year. I haven’t noticed it in a while.

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It stopped happening for a bit. Started back up recently for me. Several times today.

Happens all the time for me.

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Alright now that couple people have said same thing then changing this to support topic.

If anyone can get footage of it please post it.

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@tagris got a good video of it


It’s happened since the farming update I think.

I thought I was going mad…so thanks for posting this lol it’s basically more noticeable for me when moving fast from stand still.

Happens to me. I always suspected it might be in places in my base where there used to be trees. It seems to happen in the same places at least…

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You see foliage, but is it really? :grin:
Maybe its a dev with the invisibility cloak that TP’s on us. Hoping we mis the phoooof in front of our noses.

But this is actually happening for a pretty long time. Before, since or after …update… i wouldn’t dare to say. Don’t know how to say it otherwise but almost want to say this is in the game even before farming.

Again not sure since when but its happening for a pretty long time now. :wink:

Happens where originally is only open air to :wink:.

Pretty sure about that as im building 1plot up in the middle of a lava lake and it also happens if i go higher in the open air.

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This keeps happening to me in the Sochaltin I Ultima gateway. I have only noticed recently though.