Foliage flash glitch

So I’m not sure what update this started on. But I got a clip of it. It happens in different spots. And different colours of foliage.


I’ve had this a few times too - normally within range of a storage area at my build that has foliage in it. I thought it was just my graphics drivers as I’ve not updated them in a little while. It’s been around for a while (but I kept forgetting to log it)

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Yeah it mostly happens in my base. It was only once I read about it on the forum that I noticed it more. I’m on playstation if that make a difference.
Just figured Id report it.

Oh, it all happened so fast. It’s the bit 6 seconds in wasn’t it? Unless there was another part I missed.

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Yeah it’s just a flash. But figured it should be added to things to fix. Now that you’ve seen it. You’ll probably notice it more. Lol.

It also happens on both PS4 and PC…

Thanks for confirming, I’ve added the video and comments to the bug database.

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I’ve recorded a few more.
Hope they help.

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Thanks very much for the videos, these have also been passed on. Even after watching the videos, the issue just looks incredibly bizarre.

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Agreed. It happens a lot in my base. Not sure if it because I have close to the mesh limit where my machines are. Maybe it’s my PlayStation? Really doesn’t make much sense. :man_shrugging:

I get the same issue at my base as well, and I’m on PC, so I don’t think it’s specific to PlayStation only.

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