Odd Visual Bug leaves flashing on screen - Video and Pics

This has been happening in my base since the update. I thought it must have been my computer until I was on voice and others said they are seeing something similar. It happens inconsistently, or I am not certain what triggers it.

It happens at the same spot in my base and it has happened out in the wild too.

Here is the short video showing it:

Here is a screen grab of what is flashing on my screen:

It almost always happens in that spot in my base (I planned to take the video and run around in circles till it happens there again, but thankfully it happened first time)

Approximate loc on where it is happening: 297N -2,117E (Altitude:57) on the planet Pheminorum. It will happen there pretty consistantly.

@Fallon is this what was happening to you too?


I’ve been getting the same thing for a while now (even before the latest update). I think it’s been reported elsewhere too


No way! I am the first to report it @Stretchious! :smiley: lol

I swear I do a forum search first before making a post :sob:

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Found it, but it was auto-closed by the system…


Yeah it has been happening for quite some time now, since last year actually. Also happens on both PC and PS4…


It was reported under something else to but some made a joke saying invisible devs where warping on you… pretty old bug. (At least for PS4).


I can confirm this started (for me, anyways) with the update just before last Halloween. The Oorty Update. Part of me thought it could be intentional because it was reminiscent of running thru leafy branches like in a horror film. Time proved that was not the case. I just refer to it these days as Oorty’s Curse. :sweat_smile:

It does seem to reoccur regularly in certain areas in my home beacon, but I’ve never collected the data. I’ll try to pin a location or two down. It’s not just any colour foliage that flashes; sometimes mould will flash onscreen as well.

Hope some of that helps.


Old bug for me. I’ve just learned to accept it.

For me it’s always green foliage. Never mould and never other colors. Usually it happens a few times within an hour, then goes away for days.


Hasn’t happened to me recently (past few weeks) that I can recall.


Cool to see actual screenshot of this situation :smiley:


Right? Every time it happens to me I’m like “man I should really record this… nahhhhh”


Happens to me too. Always wondered what the heck was flashing in my face lol

There was a thread about this like a year ago (I don’t think anyone made a vid).


Your PS4 auto records up to 1 hour

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So bizarre. My base on Grovidias Te glitches with some kind of waxy foliage

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I’ve been getting the leaves flashing for a long time, I have no idea when it started, months ago.