Floating regen numbers

Regen seems to be the same.
But whilest laying out thousands of glass, i noticed the regen numbers are to slow showing and not on time.
After i finished a stack of glass and Standing idle, the numbers kept Floating on and on for nearly 3 minutes.

It’s not that they are slow, they don’t count up anymore. 8 was replaced with 16, then with 24 and so on when placing blocks. Now they all just scroll through at snails pace.

The minimum delay between them is higher now so the messages get queued up easily. I don’t think they counted up before the patch :thinking: But maybe they did on really fast tools, I rarely use them.

How long were you placing grass before the issue become apparent on screen?

The messages start piling up in to the queue as soon as you do energy consuming actions faster than the messages are displayed, max dexterity, start placing blocks and it’s immediate.

a bit searching, but found related topic… I think :slight_smile: but it does not take long to build up a backlog of Status messages, yes Speed brew again vdragon :-p
(and no I don’t usually break soil blocks this way… but it worked fine for demoing :slight_smile: )

Is this “in the list” already? I noticed that the numbers add up on really fast tools now, but it’s still happening on some action speeds.

I stop hitting with the tool at 0:40 mark, in the video I have 55 action speed with the tool.

I can add the updated video to the database, since you have provided one.