I must recall dreams I had about flying. The whole process of this started buy walking fast, turning into a jump, then running, jumping forward again - running and jumping until the spell of gravity let go of me and i was able to float into the sky.

Maybe a typical picture, though i’d love to see this in Oort.

Well if they allow us to use the jetpacks, at the same time as gliders/wings, or to combien them we will fly like a bird :smiley:

If there will be a constant cost for maintaining the flight (like shards to fuel the tool) I would love to see this way of movement ingame (but only on higher tiers :wink: )

Well you wil be able to craft a jetpack and a glider/wings, what is the matter?

There is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, which presents the difficulties.
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Hm, the point is (which i just figured out) that mario64 had this triple-jump-into-fly move ‘-’
Nvrthlss, skyflying would be totally awesome, and after the grapple being so much fun, this could be a real jawdrop.

Don’t you love when all you read is the topic and ignore all the comments below before posting, before realizing that what you’re about to say is mentioned right above?

But after attempting to mention Mario’s choice of airline, maybe rather than have another stable form of flight, it may be an idea for you to stumble upon some odd Oort magic roaming the wilds and temporarily gain the ability to share Mario’s love of triple jumping only to fly off.

Personally I’m very against flying as a transportation method, even if it requires fuel. Flying (and even the grapling hooks as they are right now) make the environment feel small and easily conquered. It seems like we all collectively agree that the environment should be something to be reckoned with, and flying really throws that concept out the window.
I would be in favor of flying like hovering inside your beacon to build structures, and maybe a system of gliding from high heights, but I don’t want to see anything self propelled, as that would take away the danger and mystique of traveling in a large and unknown world.


That are some good points.

The thing is, the grapple is so practicable, as well as the distance in which one can set up blocks. As well as the possibility to switch to slow movement in which one can’t fall of cliffs. As to flying - I’d rather be able to run into a lift off with a glider, or fluttering around a high build in a spiral, than just be able to hover (which would be great as well, especially in a beacon secured area - which I imagine real cool, cute and peaceful).

From a standpoint of utility hovering is much better for building. That’s why I thought there would be hovering in the first place was to make building giant things a little bit easier for us survival players.


I disagree with this

Just make flight deplete your stamina/mama/will so that you can only remain airborne so long.

I would be strongly against any kind of long term flight.
I would be for gliding, if it were VERY difficult to get, and maybe hovering with a jetpack for short period of time to help building.
Im thinking the things I would be okay with are similar to the rocket boots and the wings in Terraria. These would allow players to elevate well, but not fly, and if the players had wings or a jetpack then they could float for a short period of time even thought thats somewhat the same use as a grappling hook.

Maybe this next part should be in another post, but:
Overall I would hate to see straight flying over lots of distance. Sure, I want the game to be open and friendly and fun to new players and players with a low skill cap, but I want progression and high level content to be HARD. I dont like the idea that everyone should be able to experience all the content in MMOs, players skill and time investment is not always equal and life isnt fair - if you want to see all the end game content it should take work and skill (maybe im in the wrong game for that opinion :anguished: )

I played a mmo called Perfect World for a while. The landscape was amazing and you had the ability to roll around on rideable pets to make traveling quicker but the thing that bummed me out was constantly AFK flying across the map to your next quest missing out on a lot of the beautiful landscapes. Since then I have played other games with flying systems and feel the same thing occurs where you miss out on the ambiance. Also made things like walls and mountains obsolete and I personally dislike invisible walls and barriers.

I would second being strongly against long term flying but would like to counter by suggesting rideable pets/mounts. Maybe even making them tamable like in a game called Cube World where you had to find a specific food drop in order to tame the specific animal to be your fighting and/or riding companion.

I am on the fence about being able to glide. I think the grappling hook is more than enough for now.

If flying was done by something that you could loot (maybe uncommon loot?) but could only hold one at a time and only allowed one use (then you’d have to go and loot another), kind of like how Grow Home has the flowers and the glider leaf you can pick up, I’d be okay. I don’t need or want full on flying. Something that only glides downwards slowly or acts as a parachute would be the best idea IMO.

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I agree to the point that flying should not be overpowered, nevertheless it is an inherent human dream, and it would be a shame being left out the game. In which form whatsoever: Jetpacks, wings, gliders, bouncy boots, bouncy blocks, grapple. It all is a means of enriching the gameplay experience.
I guess it depends on balancing and the way those (very special items) can be found, crafted, and the way one can play with them.

+1 for flying

But would also agree there should be a cost. Perhaps a crafting cost (to build a jet-pack, wings, whatever), and a fuel cost so that its not cost prohibitive for experienced players, but not readily attainable for new players.

If worlds had slightly different rule mechanics you could easily prohibit flight for many types of world, making them more formidable. Or encouraging flight in certain worlds by making “fuel” an abundant resource.

If different worlds have different rules, then you could also have portals between worlds restrict the passage of certain goods. For example, if you have a world where flight is encouraged and fuel is “cheap” you could block the transport of fuel through the portal.

(just thinking about the mechanics of game balance)

On one hand (the entirely builder focused hand) I agree, on the other (the RPG, survival and MMO one), I disagree. Unless mobs can fly also and attack you mid-air, flying it probably not a great idea.