Foom new sport in the universe

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UPDATE - The very first tournament will be a 1v1 elimination tournament, beginning at 8:00pm EST this Wednesday (unforged, non-augmented copper bombs only please). Starberry energy foodstuffs are both allowed and recommended, but not necessary. You can reach the event directly via “the crucible” portal in the DK Mall hub (lower level, directly below the Stars Hollow portal), or make your way to Stars Hollow via one of our many portals mentioned below. All are welcome to compete, first prize will be a stack of oort shards to the winner, and we hope to see you there Wednesday night!

New sports in boundless have always been a challenge… we’ve got “dodge-bomb,” which is a blast (bah-boom-ting) to play and the ninja challenge, which is a serious test of skill… but nothing really that anyone and everyone can play no matter what skill level they are at. So when my buddy Lance tasked me with inventing a sport and building an arena to play it in, I had a serious think about it. It needed to be something that not only was all inclusive, but something people could recreate in their own builds if they wanted to just “sand lot” it for fun. It needed to be cheap and easy to play, and more importantly NOT have a defeat penalty if you lose. What I came up with was "Foom, (and a HUGE thanks to @Leahlemoncakes for helping us out by having a go and letting me record the match) -

"Introducing a new Boundless sport - Foom. Simple rules, fast-paced game play, and trampoline walls to provide a lovely balance of strategy and luck to every match. My main goal was to create a sport that all players of all skill levels could play and have roughly the same chance of winning. I wanted there to be no defeat penalty for anyone who didn’t win, so that more people would want to compete. And I wanted a game that would be easy to recreate for other players who liked it - the playing field requires only 16 plots (4x4), with the center 2x2 over unplotted water more than two blocks deep, a few hundred trampoline blocks, and a copper chisel. That’s it. The stadium built around it can be as big or as small as anyone wants, and is entirely up to the builder’s imagination. That’s the dream, that’s where I would love to see this go… lots of guilds fielding teams and building their own awesome stadiums, so we could have friendlies, tournaments, and maybe even league play some day.

We will be holding an inaugural tournament in the VERY near future, once we work out the logistics, and anyone interested in the sport and maybe building their own arena, please swing by Stars Hollow on Tana VII and check out the Crucible or drop a message in the mailbox outside of my big white house and I will give you the dimensions. Portal N3 in the Tana PS hub will get you to my personal hub (just go upstairs from there), or connect to us via the PS hub Biitula, the Guardian Hub, the DK mall, or the Showroom. Hope to keep you soon and remember, keep your stick on the ice!"

Everyone who has played so far has enjoyed the hell out it, and I am GENUINELY proud of it. Anyone can play. Anyone can build their own stadium to play it in. By all means please check out the vid, if you want to see the game from the perspectives of both playing it and watching it (Sorry Leah, I was REALLY rooting for you lol), and stay tuned for info on our upcoming inaugural launch of Foom!

The vid is here -


It’s a really fun game, ya need to try it, best of all no death penalty, it can be annoying to remove sometimes

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It sounds great! (The death penalty never bothers me and I don’t look at it as a negative at all… the fun out weighs that 20k xp. :blush:)… but I’m always up for a new community organized event!

Do you have pics of your stadium? :blush: (edited to add)… oh duh! A video! Even better :nerd_face:

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I can’t believe he forgot to add pics, at least he has the video. First time he posts something.

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Looks fun!

NSFW audio haha

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5:03 into the video. I’m in. Sign me and @shortyd856 up.:nerd_face::+1:


Creeping and double jump allowed?

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I was playing on third person so I think so, you will have to ask Digby. You can creep.

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Wait… can you not throw a Regen bomb to replace the ice (turn it back to water?) then you can use and ice pop to re-ice it. It seems the water under the arena doesn’t need to be plotted…

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The water doesn’t need to be plotted, you can use the gleampop or just a solidfier to set the field. You can also just add a layer of ice by hand, but the ice needs to be unplotted for it to be affected by the bombs.

@DKPuncherello - feel free, doesn’t matter. Foom is all about moving, and shot selection, and pinning your opponent… double jumps and creeping are negated when you can drop three bombs in the right spot or if you land on ice that’s already broken. @ginabean- yeah, the key is the water being below the plots. That way you can solidify/gleam pop the floor to start, and just chuck ice blocks in to rebuild it after.


That’s what I was wondering… after a match regen and then re-solidify. It might go faster during a match. :blush:

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It’ll be great to be part of this new activity. Do you have some photos of the stadium?? Please, let us know about the event details!!


The only pic I have, Digby forgot to add some

And the event will be revealed later in the short future, it may be something small with small prizes at first. We may do a the big one in a month maybe

but we will need sponsors for the big one.

It was very fun! Let me know when the tournaments start as if love to take part again!


You should make the rule. You must bounce bomb off wall. Like Cricket hitting the ground on the pitch. Would add a lot of strategy.


Just watched the video - this looks AWESOME!! Well done guys!!


I think I’m gonna build a large foom arena on Circarpous, let me know if anyone’s interested

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Just got done watching the video. This looks like so much fun! I’d love to see more videos of the actual games and definitely I’d like to take part if you ever have a tournament.

There’s plans for a small tournament for a small price, as a small guild we don’t have the funds to do the big on yet.

The prize pool for this small tournament is 900 oort shards.
I know it’s not much, but this one is for fun and to test out the arena and figure out any bug for the big tournament to be better, for the big tournament we will be asking for sponsors

So you if you want to participate, start signing up

As of now I believe we have @ginabean and Lorelei, and maybe @Leahlemoncakes.
Anyone else, teams of 2 please

The goal for Foom isn’t for us to make a tournament, is more for the community to make there own Foom arenas and make there own tournaments.