Force Merging on Tana VII


How much prestige do these guys have?


One of them was just over a million and the other is just under 2 million as of this morning.

Not enough to make us the capital but enough that he is warden so he says he has every right to go merge who he wants with us.

The Viceroy of the capital went and talked to him and told him to stop creating drama. He’s a pretty awesome guy in charge and told us he will never let him take over.


I my case I have no idea. When we followed the plots back, we come to a decent size settlement, we didn’t go on past it to see how big it was, just enough to know it was good size. When I went shopping at the two new malls and came through the portal to Tana VII I the name of the city on Tana VII was the same name of the city that merged our settlement.
My guess is that the warden wants to grow. He (or she) and the rest of the group laid down single plots from their city to where our neighbor is. They followed down the side of her plots and then went to her bridge that crossed the lake. My son’s base is in the middle of the lake and is one plot over from her bridge. So, when the plots were placed between the bridge and him it took his base over and since I am connected to him it took in my base. We went from being MadDoctor’s Island to another name. I could care less that I was warden of our settlement.
It isn’t so much that he merged us with him, but that he didn’t have the decency to hunt us up and ask us if we wanted to, and if not he could have gone in a different direction to expand.
I don’t know exactly how far away his city is from our settlement, 100, 150 or more plots? I don’t know. We guess that the settlement we found with his name on it is around 50 plots away.


Whats the dev’s stance on code injection? I could just disable the function that displays the Warden or Viceroy on the client. Then you’d never know


I’ll double check when I get on tonight but that sounds exactly like the settlement I tried to slow/stop him from merging.

If you can see my big giant slide across the lake, you definitely got merged with us. I’ll come say hi next time I’m on if I see you guys over there.


I looked and have confirmed that the player that force merged our settlement is the same one that merged @Janna55’s settlement.

It seems like he is trying to merge the whole world. I think the settlement covers at least a quarter (maybe closer to half) of the planets size from East to West so far.


Ambitious lad, isn’t he.

You’ll have to rename it Coruscant.


I asked my son once what would he do if someone wanted to force us to merge and we decided to move. What would we do with our stuff. He went pack up and transport what was important and take the rest, such as the stone and toss it into the lake so the person wouldn’t get any use of it. There are caves under the lake and we could just go to the hillside beside the lake and mine down, drop all the stones and what we had we didn’t want and toss it into the holes we find.
He just bought Just Cause 4 yesterday, he is focusing on that. I don’t know what I want to do yet. Not going to make a rash decision, but don’t like what has happened.


@Janna55 I’m sad to hear that. It’s too bad that not even a kid can enjoy the game, especially one that you both get to play together.


Thanks, he not really a kid, 34, he wanted to get me out of my box of match 3 and Sims 3 and has nagged and nagged. I bought some games but found them frustrating and not to my taste or too scary. Me big baby, LOL.
Anyhow, he talked me into this one and we played until red dead whatever was released, then fallout 76 now it is just cause 4 and who knows when he will be ready to come back to BL. He said he would, but those appeal to him more.


I understand the frustration…but perhaps this is an opportunity for a lessen in patience, lol.

Sounds like a fix for this is on the way. Just hang in there.

Edit: 34, may be a little late for lessons, lol


He has a lot more patience than I do, he will just wait and see; then, if he realizes that it is going to go bad make sure the guy doesn’t get anything.

Me, I’m already thinking of what I would need to do to move. Doesn’t mean I will, but looking at options. But I have always been one to look at all options and get ready for them. I’m also more emotional so more apt to react and do something. I am going to think of options, but go with that I will probably move, I pick my battle to fight and is it worth fighting for and how will it affect my perception later on. Even if I win the battle will the joy have been taken out of it.


Not even a matter of winning. When the new guild rules go into effect this will no longer be an issue at all.


So, after reading about all of the prestige fights and issues, I always sided with people not wanting to be forcibly merged. And being away from a lot of the big cities that have been vying for “being on top” on Tana VII, I never expected to see the settlement I started be forcibly annexed like this. I am super frustrated, and wish there was something more that could be done than just say “wait for the guilds update” to fix this. Plotting random lines of plots like this to forcibly annex should be against the CoC, in my opinion. And that’s all I have managed to find - a line of plots alongside a road I created to help a neighbor reach portals more easily, to the east of my settlement. It’s the same on the west side, plotting along a gap left on purpose so that our settlements would not be accidentally merged. Both beacons are owned by the same character - is there literally no recourse for us to have these removed so that we can go back to being what we WANT to be instead of being forced like this?

edit To note, I am Jenna’s neighbor, and am the one who created Micronesia in the first place. I like being nice and helpful and good to my neighbors, so this happening out of the blue is more than frustrating, as it equates to someone being a bad neighbor and going against everyone’s wishes on purpose.


Sounds like the guilds update needs to come sooner rather than later. Guess Im kinda lucky that life is pretty quiet these days in outback Boori…


I’ve just been and had a look. The guy who’s done it has form for this, he’s done it before but cried innocent about it last time. It does seem like a really selfish move.


Ironic that my son and I were talking about contacting you and see how you felt about it.
My son goes what is the difference in having a new mayor elected into our village. I big difference, he was voted, we had a choice in casting a ballot of who we wanted and if we don’t like him we can vote for someone else. We might not get the person we think would be better, but we would have a choice in the matter, here, we don’t.

To me, it is the principle of the thing. I don’t think he can set up laws that we will have follow, or ask for coin or other. I don’t mind neighbors, people who are close by; but I don’t want to feel as if I am forced to be a part of their settlement. My son and I had talked about you and had gone if you wanted to merge we would not mind, but it would be up to you, we are ambivalent about it.
This though, it is different, it is the attitude, the rudeness and sense of superiority from the actions to us and others – is just negative on many levels.

If you were to decide to move let us know where and we might follow you and make sure we don’t merge. Again, that would be up to you.


My concern about the guilds is that they may let you keep your identity but still allow for forced merging. You might be “Kal-el’s town” in the settlement of “Big City”. I do not know what the developers are specifically planning but they talked a lot about guilds allowing a settlement to keep its identity and did not mention merging. If they are including the protection zones with the guild launch, then they have finally provided a tool that can prevent forced merges. I am hoping they are including the protection zones. I think the forced merging is having a detrimental affect on the game and players. The game is allowing a few players to impact many over a ranking that give them nothing and then they think people will be grateful to be part of a larger city?

@Janna55 If you and your son do decide to move, I am sure there a several places where you can find people that would love to have you. I have a build in a settlement that is very low key and requires nothing more from people living near by other then they respect their neighbors. You and you son can build what you want and either be part of the settlement or have your own. We have access to a portal network and are located on a tier 2 planet.


I had been wondering that two. Having guilds will be nice, but does that still leave us as part of his city and he gets to keep the name of his city? So would we have the name of Jerk Takeover Town, MadDoctor’s Island, Tana VII?

Would he still be able to put bases close by that are touching our plots so we can’t expand if we decide to? I had planned to add a type of fence, the old farme style or even picket fence for decoration. To expand and build a house in a style that I like then put up a connecting bridge between it and my building. I was going to have from it a slide that people could have fun using to get down from the top. Sponge at the bottom for a safe landing.

I don’t know what I am going to do right now. It is up in the air. I will be looking for a new planet if we decide to move. What planet are you on?


I have a build on Seginiakai.

Nice water around if you like that. I have some plots on a bunch of small islands in a river that I can release, or there is land adjacent to the lake that is unplotted or you could cross the one river and build close but not be part of the settlement. A few of use had talked about finding some flat land and plotting it in anticipation of farming. If that interests you, I would be willing to look for a spot and plot it and let you join that effort.