Force Merging on Tana VII


I am not planning on moving, because that means he wins. I don’t have any other answers yet. Unfortunately I need to go to work and won’t be able to reply for a while (like 10 hours or so), but I am open to suggestions that don’t involve moving.


Just went to look myself, and had to laugh. The same guy as in 5? other threads doing the same thing to different groups of people on different planets, over and over. Don’t know the guy, never met him- he seems super reasonable when he does post, and yet this has come up again and again with this one guy. Players have no recourse, and devs probably don’t want to ban or punish a guy with this many plots (and could they if they wanted to, when everything’s legal except completely surrounding someone?).

So anyway, please hurry with the advanced permissions stuff, let us keep our settlement names if we want to, etc. Personally, I’m for slightly less freedom in my sandbox if it prevents others from sticking cat poop in my mouth.

To the folks affected, my condolences- this isn’t cool, and I hope there’s a decent solution for you soon.


In this case, the guy from the other similar posts is involved, but it’s hard to say to what extent. The player placing the beacons and plots doing the actual merging is someone different (currently #2 prestige in the settlement).


If “This guy” is who I think it is he is a bully not much of a builder but uses his p2w as a way to intimidate others to his will it seems like his credit card is the only real skill he has gaming


Let me know if this becomes a bigger issue.
I think i have about 4-5m of prestige in stockpiled blocks.

Im planning to use it for a build. But i could make an easily demolished tower and just stash my stash on tana for a while to make this guy back off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you saying that guild-aligned beacons bypass normal settlement detection? Or does the sum of the prestige on all guild aligned beacons still need to be greater than any other guild or player within said settlement in order for the guild to choose the name?


This is scary! I am proud of my town and would be pretty upset if someone came and stole its identity. I know it is pretty awful, but please keep this guy on your planet! I don’t need him branching out any more…


I have to go through a portal that is his and his main settlement and it really pisses me off. I checked and he has over 10,000 plots. Ten Thousands. Can you imagine how much real money that cost to buy that many?
We will move, checking out planets now, seeing what ones I would like. I want plenty of green, a lake and some trees close by. My son can build another base in the middle of the lake and I want my nice houseboat and make a underground workshop with something that won’t be big but look nice for a shop we can use to sell items. We don’t plan on going big, just some stuff.
I would hope in a way that everyone would leave the planet and he would be alone. He can’t get his money back and that would be karma for doing such a thing. Unless he is so rich he wouldn’t care.


Sent you a PM janna.


I can’t possibly move my castle off of Tana VII. It took weeks to build :frowning:

Hopefully this settlement-hungry person doesn’t find my build!


He told me he wants to move to Serpensarindi next


I hope he doesnt find your build either!!!


It might be low enough prestige to not be worth grabbing, HA, when having low prestige is a goal! What a thing…


Hey Janna, whats happening to you is a real bummer, its part of the reason I moved off Lasaina, I felt that at any time the then capital could swallow us up. We moved to Boori and has been a positive move, I also am based on a lake, with small areas on shore linked up. Anyhow I wish you all the best, and if you feel like you need to move then Id say go for it, dont let it eat you guys up. Theres plenty of planets out there these days…


I’ll never understand the inclination or pleasure one gets from being a jerk.


I have found and had a lengthy discussion with the real culprit behind this. I am not going to give him the pleasure of moving and/or winning. His goal is to be #1 on Tana VII, and he sees it as his right to “dominate” (literally, using his words here. I have screenshot proof if needed.) He seems to think that helping people and being nice is untenable, and that, again, in his words, “ps4 will take over”. This goes against everything I stand for in community-based games. So who’s with me on proving him wrong? ^^


Oh man, I’m glad others are talking to him. I actually got on discord voice chat to talk to him and understand his intentions. And what @Lomgren said is 100% correct. He said he will do whatever it takes and anyone that gets in the way is just blocking progress.

For now my only reaction to him is to go over to his base every time I log in and say “This doesn’t look so good” and then I leave.


More settlements were merged in the last hour or two. The settlement now spans 3/4 of the planet from East to West. If you are standing on the Eastern most point, you can look at an atlas with a warp augment and see the Western end of the settlement.


Holy Moly this guy is keen, at least the devs must be getting some coin for his plots which is something…


I’m part of stupidpants’ group. I understand that calling people out by name is not allowed on the forums, and I understand why, but the fact that we’ve gotten no response through the official channels we tried to use to report this behavior. I would think that the reports of insults and someone literally saying “I want to ruin your fun” would be enough of a CoC violation to get banned or warned or something. So, if you want us to avoid conflict here and in the game (which I respect and ideally would love to do), can we get a good response on this? This game is really fun. Very relaxing. Very pretty, seems to have a nice community (overall). It’s been fairly disappointing and frustrating to have my time in this game tainted by this episode.