Force Merging on Tana VII


A few friends and I started building a settlement knowing all well that someone could come in and build next to us and build more prestige than we do. A few weeks ago, a guy showed up and started building. One of our friends invited him to build next to us and talked to him and all seemed well. Then we aren’t really sure what happened but he and his group of friends started building long running plots and roads to connect us to other settlements. When we told him we didn’t want to force merge with people, his response was that we are now the #2 settlement on the planet and that “we were welcome for that”. Along side that, for a few days they were forceable grappling mobs to our members and leaving them there to attack us.

I jumped on discord to voice chat with him and he told me he and his friends are building prestige towers to take over as the capital of the planet. He said that we couldn’t stop him and I agreed with him. A few days later, I saw they were going to force a merge with another settlement so I plotted out a long ways to try to block that from happening but I wasn’t successful. He forced the merge anyways.

I jumped on discord to chat again with him and he started telling us how he was the victim and that he would do what it takes to stop us from having fun. I told him that we were indeed having fun and we wanted him to be a part of our community. We just didn’t want him to build a big prestige tower for the sake of becoming viceroy and merging anyone who stands in his way. At that point the insults started to fly and I told him that we would appreciate it if they would just move. He told me he isn’t moving and reiterated that he will do what it takes to prevent us from having fun. He said he has an unlimited amount of plots and will continue laying them as he needs to.

I know there isn’t anything that can really be done about this, but its just sad because we really enjoy this game and everyone in the community has been awesome. Then we get this guy next to us that is not as awesome. I hope that the other settlements he is merging are not frustrated.

In any event, happy patch day all! I am looking forward to doing some sweet forging tonight.


Don’t forget to remove names :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe hope a CoC is broken sometime, then you can get a legit report.

Otherwise, I don’t see why people care about being viceroy. Still no-one will know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

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All you can really do is ignore them and hope they move on. When they come around and try to be annoying i would just type “lol” and go along about my business. Trolling is a lot less fun when people don’t respond the way you want them to. Let him waste his money on plots


One either needs to wait for the guild system and see if that prevents this or if you build with an extra set of plots around your base to prevent this from happening it can work.

Otherwise sadly it happens at this time as some people want to absorb other settlements like this.


Not really the case. If he is doing this because he wants to be viceroy of the world. then you yourself, if you are motivated to, can build your own towers to take the name away from him. If you are willing to fight out a prestige war. If he discovers he is not going to get what he wants. He might stop what he is doing.

Also if at any time the plots he places down start to block people in. You can report him for that.

It is also unfortunate that you talked to him on discord. because what he said there can not be used against him. If he said that stuff in game how he was wanting to purposefully ruin peoples fun, then you could have tried to report him for that as the chat logs would show his intent for what he is trying to do. I would suggest only talking to people who are “hostile” in game, where it can be logged, and be used against him in a report.


Don’t forget to remove names :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to post names. Thanks, I have removed them.

Maybe hope a CoC is broken sometime, then you can get a legit report.

We know he broke the CoC a few times and have reported them for that, but we haven’t seen any action on that or know how to get feedback on it

Otherwise, I don’t see why people care about being viceroy. Still no-one will know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, I have no idea why he cares about being a viceroy.


It really sucks that I keep seeing this happen. My settlement was a victim too and we prestige battled and won pretty easily with the help of some people and the guy pretty gave up and is inactive. Inactive or not there’s still an eye sore gleam tower up so were moving to a T6. Really really really hope they have that beacon protection zone in the works


I don’t know why he cares about it, But I will say for me. It is a personal goal. and really the only competitive aspect this game haves.


If someone plots next to those extra plots, won’t the settlement still merge or change warden?


If you place a ring around it and leave empty spots between the ring and your build it can work but this would require a lot of plots and hard to do at this time.


i dont really understand how this works, if someone can put a plot inside the ring that you made and connect the ring to the main base.


If someone plots in the empty plots between your plots and the ring then they can still force a merge I think. We need one of the proposals from the developers to happen sooner rather than later.


The coming Guilds update will give players control over their Guild aligned beacons and settlement. This will allow players to retain their identity as the settlements vary around them.

We’re also planning to rework the prestige calculation and balance to better reflect the effort taken to create builds.

These updates will be coming soon.


Sounds great! Will we be able to fix/unmerge settlements that were merged before guilds?



My son and I have a base on Tana VII, so how does that work on ones that are happening now? Went to play just a bit ago and found that the settlement that my son and I created has now been “merged” (my son says annexed is the correct term) with someone who has a large city now. He has placed plots connecting our settlement and another person’s settlement to his city.
There was no contacting us to ask if we wanted to join (no, we would not have) just the placing of plots that was between us and the other persons settlement. They had been left open as neither one of us had wanted to merge. We wouldn’t have minded merging with her, but it wasn’t one we would do unless we both agree to it.

Am I allowed to say the name of his city here?


Nope, I don’t think so. Not on the forum or in the game chat (I don’t believe). I’m sorry, this sort of behavior is hard on the game but until a mechanic is introduced, it’s not really stoppable. I’m really sorry.


Just record / report any negative comments or if you get blocked in (plotwise), which I doubt you will.


At least we don’t have people running up and killing us while we build though.


Yes. Guild aligned beacons can be changed and the Settlements will adjust automatically.

You’ll need to wait for the Guilds update. But when it lands you’ll be able to create a guild with your son, align your beacons with the guild and then name the associated settlement that will be defined by the guild alignment. (Bit complicated. But it’ll all happen automatically.)


That is good to know. At leas the name isn’t a disgusting one. Boring, but that is just my opinion. No, we haven’t been blocked in, just a somewhat straight line to us, I think whoever he is has also went to other settlements/hamlets along the way to take them all in we didn’t explore to see if others were taken over. Maybe he wants to be king of the planet.

The direction he came from had him at the back of my son’s base. He placed plots between it and the lady who has a settlement behind and beside us and merged us with her and took over both. Since my son and I are merged it also took over my base.
It was a deliberate joining of her and our settlements so he could have us both.