Forge bugs - tooltip displays opposite effect


I forged a hammer with the Full Health quirk, which should increase action speed at full health and reduce action speed at low health. The quirk text in the tooltip seems to read correctly, increased action speed at high health, but it is having the opposite affect. In the attached images, you can see -10 action speed when my health is full, but +10 action speed when my health is low.
Another thing I noticed was when I used a deconstruction resin 3. I seemed to get double the ingredients I used in that forge (I keep a tally of used ingredients on a spreadsheet for production costs purposes), which was neat, but I didn’t get the tools back like is supposed to happen with the new system. Could you look into this devs?


Could you check and see if it actually swings slower at full health, or low health?


Good shout bud. Ok so the problem seems to be only in the text. It actually does swing faster at high health and slower at low health. Sorry, didn’t even think to test it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Eureka!! Still… would hate to have someone not use that cause they think it’s on opposite day…


Unrelated to topic, but do you have any idea why my text formats that way? I created a post before that did the same thing.


Nevermind. I guess the forums don’t like the use of indentation :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t get your tool back?


As I was typing out a response, I realized 2 things. First, I thought it would show up in the queue with a 2 minute cook timer, because I thought I remembered it doing that on the test server, but it could very well have just returned the tools to my inventory. So that’s probably not a problem, just user error :stuck_out_tongue: And second, the reason for the “double” ingredient return was due to forging 2 tools at once. So forget about that portion of the bug report. Sorry. The text in the tooltip, however, is very much incorrect. It works as it’s supposed to, increasing action speed by 10 at full health, but the tooltip reads -10 action speed when my health bar is full.


@InvertedStarfish what level damage boon did you get on that tool?


The +20 forge damage on hammer like that is a level 8 damage boon.


What he said lol


I don’t get it, I had lvl 8 boons giving me a lot more damage than 20 on a lvl4 aoe before the update. I got 260 damage on a diamond lvl4aoe hammer before the update with a lvl 7 boon. So I missed the changed calculations for aoe somewhere in the notes?20181205164732_1

pre-update same damage boon.


I was told in another thread that at lvl6 it should of had a 20 bonus. So I would like to see the math from the dev’s. I am not that great at going through game files.


You’re mistaken. A level 8 damage boon on a 3x3 AoE diamond hammer has always been +20 Damage. I’m fairly certain that +260 damage is a level 9 damage boon.



pre-update level 8 damage boon. Even if I am off one number and these 2 pics are lvl 8 and lvl 9 boons, they still contradict the post update aoe damage de-buff. But I never got a lvl 10 damage boon, only 9’s and lower. That’s how I know something is off. I never was good enough to get a 10.


Level 8 forge boon on hammer has been +20 damage so something is different on your end somewhere as one is a level 9 and the other looks to be a level 10.


I can promise you with 100% certainty that +20 damage on a 3x3 diamond hammer is a level 8 damage boon. I’ve crafted dozens of them to sale in my shops before the patch. If crafts had craft dates on them I’d show you an example. I don’t know what’s different on your end, and I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re just simply mistaken :slight_smile:


I understand. I know you guys arn’t rude. I’m just kinda blown away atm. Feel like Twilight Zone. I made a few dozen of these hammers like the above one. Could swear I never got 10’s.

I believe I had a lvl 10 damage once on a titanium hammer that game me 400 bonus. But that’s it.

going from lvl 6 damage boon to lvl 7 is a 240 point diff.

between 7 and 8 is a 50 point diff.

between 8 and 9 is a 190 point diff.

and between 9 and 10 is 110 diff.

Why are they so different?


Lvl 7 is - Adds 350dmg + another 40% (On the diamond hammer, this shows as [-30 dmg]
Lvl 8 is - Adds 400dmg + another 40% (Diamond hammer shows [+20dmg]
Lvl 9 is - Adds 450dmg + another 50% (Diamond shows as [+260dmg]
Lvl 10 is - Adds 500dmg + another 50% (Diamond shows [+310dmg]

In other words, every other Lvl, only adds that extra 50dmg. The % remains the same. The “odd” numbers are just because you are dealing with a percentage.

Lvl 10 is a LOT of boon points to try and cram in there for a measly extra 50dmg over Lvl 9. not worth it.


Less energy use quirk while full hunger isn’t working aswell