Forge IngRedY3nts Shop @ Sunset Forge Market!

Good day everyone!

Aiming to aid forgers with their magical forging journeys, I decided to make this shop!

What forging ingredients do you sell?

Every single forging ingredient known to ̶m̶a̶n̶ Oortians.

How about your stocks?

Currently, I have decent stocks of items that I know are used and I use. For the rest of the items, I have low amounts until I figure out exactly what is demanded. I can then increase production and catch up quickly. This goes especially for costly items like those requiring feathers.

How about your prices?

Aiming to be sustainable for the long run and priced competitively. You don’t have to believe me, check BUTT (give it some time to update as I just placed the shop stands :smiley: ). Or believe me haha xD.

Will you be buying stuff using request baskets?

I will be sourcing materials through different ways including baskets. They, though, will be set later when I check my raw materials. Also, it is getting late now xD.

Willing to hand trade to help customers save on the tax?

Yes, message me using the letter box in the shop, on forum, or on Discord (RedY3 #6562).

Figured a name for the shop?

Tbh no I am exhausted :joy: :sob: :joy:. I didn’t even place a ceiling for the shop yet xD.


I would say welcome! But youre already a lovely member of the market with your Slingshot shop :wink:
Thank You for being so committed to the SUNSET FORGEMARKET :heart: I really hope Youre making good sales and that You get Your baskets nicely regularly filled :slight_smile: would be nice to see a steady supply for our forgers!

Those can easily in good amounts be gathered while either SWProzee1’s run hunt or at fearther falls :slight_smile: check them out.

Oh no it’s raining inside! :scream:

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It is raining and you and Host knocked a few bottles over and it’s a mess in the shop :sob::joy:


As a non-forger, this makes me want to try forging. Having a good & available supply of ingredients can help lower the barrier for those wanting to try forging. Well done on the shop and looking forward to buying some myself! :slight_smile:

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Indeed an obstacle that I have always faced myself when trying a new forging method is the troubles of sourcing the materials and the crafting time. Or when I am missing a few ingredients to be able to forge a batch of an item and I don’t want to go through waiting for it to craft. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to try out different forging methods/ingredients.

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Restocked. Keep in mind it takes time to show up on BUTT as sovereigns take longer to be scanned.

Edit: I do restock it as often as I can. Just can’t mention it every time so do stop by if interested :smiley:

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Nice shop red! Will definitely be stopping by.


Loved your and orrian’s slingbows back then Skeletor :slight_smile: (shop back then connected to illuminaughty hunt lodge) was there a frequent customer ^^ if you’re still into forging- I have a market created that focuses just on forges and some supply like augments, pies and brews and as you can see also forge ingredients :slight_smile: you’re free to do whatever, but if you’re interested to participate in my community project, let me know! :smiley:

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Call it “Forge IngRedY3nts!” :joy:


Thats genius!


Puns are bad haha but this… i truly need to and will consider it :joy::rofl::laughing:


Don’t be redyculous. Puns are awesome.


I saw @Naeah’s “Naecessities” and it gave me a good little laugh but deep inside in a dark corner of my mind, I rejected it… because puns… and now… as Harvey Oortian Dent said “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.




Added a few items in the request baskets!


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Oh wow are these trophies finally going to be worth more than their essence value??!?!

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Didn’t do the math to check with the essence value but they sure now cost more than they did some time ago :smiley:

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When converted to essences and sold to a fully powered minter the cuttletrunk and spitter trophies are worth about 93c each… so yes, you buying them at 100c means selling them to you is worth more than minting them via essences from a pure coin standpoint (not considering spark cost or the exp from turning them into essences)

I’ve always had mixed feelings for the minter. 93 wow. With tax, I am paying 107 so yeah xD

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I dislike to mint things like that. They’re better off in the economy cycle than deleted forever.