Forged with Love - grand re-re-re opening on dzassak

after a long reclaim (big thx to the devs) and rebuild phase im proud to present you my new-old shop, ehm…construction site.

its like my old shop, a never ending renovation :slight_smile:

at time ive only got about 500 speed hammers (and a few hundret more in storages)
a few ores, weapons… etc…
( same pcs dura tools gonna added this weekend)

reachable via

tnt mega hub - Circapous
Pharaos kingdome - Pharaos kingdome
Dk’s tree - Eresho


good job! new shop looking lovely and shiny
are you still deciding on pricing though? those speed hammers look a tad expensive…50% more for same specs available in other popular stores

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Not to much love on your previous forge posts :slight_smile: . Seems you managed to find a solution for your problem :+1:

Good to know you are back in the forging business.

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just dont want to get sold out instant
… so ive high up the prices a bit…
maybe it goes a lil bit down next days… we will see…


50% more that could BE but i think all forges should BE in that price class cause what i ve heared that the Material s are quite expensive and some forges are Not good or you loose Material s …

Quality should BE paid for all forgers

And the Numbers He has are Not small in my thoughts.

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build your house next to me…
and get a free tool…

first one is free…
… if u like it, you can come back…
… and buy some more :slight_smile:


filled up a “few” brews… mostly speed3, speed 5 and health 5…
food fill up comes tomorrow… (mostly earthyam and starberry stuff)

portal areal is moving soon…
tool areal is moving soon… (reachable 4 costumers, all the time)

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If you need food stuffs lmk I sell wholesale

this is exactly what i mean with this title xd

new portal areal almost finished…

here you can find in the future portals to dura tool areal & speed tool areal and all other stuff

more free space 4 more portals <3


new layout (in work)
new prices (down)
new tipps (stil in work xd)

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Stil a construction site
Cause I change the
new (old) layout.

Adding a few more tools like my old shop in lamblis

Adding a few tools with another forging recipe

Opend the gleam farm again
(maybe you like to earn some money and help me to get prepared for a new (old) oortmas event again)

Refilled request baskets


Location off TNT?

Always need T6 Speed hammers

Z :rabbit:

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Second floor, south

But I need a bit more time to finish the t6 area


At time there’s about 2100 tools (all 3x3) in my shop.
Last 2 days I’ve tried to forge new tools.
But after 5 hours of forging, ive wasted 2,5m coins of forging material to get round about 200 hammers.
That doesn’t worth the time and forging materials.
Maybe I’ve got more luck next few days.
Maybe my forges are a Lil bit rusty…


Day 3:
Lost again 200k coins of forging materials, without finishing 1 stack.

I don’t know what to do…

Maybe I’ll stop forging for a while, that’s sad cause it’s one of my main activitys in this game.

I let you know when things went better…

C ya


Refilled almost all request baskets.


I’ve set up a T 1 gleam farm 4 beginners
(Thx @Turrican2006)
Another million coins to go
Not really finished but enough to earn money

Have fun


Hi there Marcello666,

I just sold 9 multistacks (8.100 pcs) of bitter beans to you !

Thanks for just over a million coins :slight_smile:

I am a real gatherer so I dont mind selling the items.