Forgery is the Bug Finder!

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Sorry, I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing from me :smiley:
However, I only have two screenshots for ya this time. One is about a grammatical error in the info page of the One Jump Ahead Quirk. “They say look before you leap, but you won’t have the chance…”

The other is after successfully forging 5 titanium hammers there’s no little hammer icon and I wasn’t able to right-click to show the info about them.

Oh yeah! And these two floating info boxes. Happens all the time!

I believe the missing hammer graphic has been noted. It’s when the Smart stack you put in does not have an item in the first position of the 3x3.

Wasn’t the floating box added to the database too?

I had the 2nd thing happen to me when I forged 3 iron bombs (out of 12) for regen.
The emblem was missing and I couldn’t click on it for more information.

Two threads about the icon issue, but vdragon says not reproducible :thinking:

O hey i was forging again and I had this happen with a batch of axes. No icon, no way to see what the forged items would turn out as if I clicked in the blank spot.

Copper axes forged with 2 boons I think, special gum only.

That is definitely the case with the hammers. It was the back end of a SS.

Immediate reproducible for me.

I vaguely remembered a thread about it so when it first happened I didn’t think much of it. But one of the stacks i was forging was not a full smart stack and that was probably the one.

I just did this on purpose again.


I had the same issue when I forged some gold fists, and again the first slot in my stack was empty. Just make sure your first slot has an item in and you shouldnt have the issue again