Forging Balance Changes on Testing

This alone is what will ruin my forging 100% if it happens to many times in a row. They need to add bad luck protection on this so that it cannot give you the same thing back more then 1 or 2 times in a row or the chance of it giving you the same thing back drops each time it is used, the vigor cost afterwords becomes quite high, and it is even worse if you have to do this with 2 boons.

The screenshot I posted earlier was the result of this happening about 6 or 7 times.


I’m confused. Do quirks give e positive e and negative now or some are just positive? Their wording in the descriptions in my opinion isnt the best. So can someone clarify for me please

some quirks give both positive and negative, some give simply weird effects like strange noises etc.

they need to be changed in knowledge etc for sure

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Awesome! Thank you very much for the clarification😀

The removal solvents will re-roll your relevant slider, so if you have any gums active the chances are better to get effects from that category again.

The transmute solvents don’t re-roll, they flat out change the applied buff. This still targets something else in the same class, but your chances are much better.

Also, transmute can be used at a later stage whereas removal solvents are best used before risking another roll adding points and effectively cementing that trait on your tool.

Even more also; using a fate paste before a removal solvent increases the chance of not getting any defect/quirk (if that’s what you’re aiming for), and allows you to exchange those defect/quirk points away if you so wish

I think the best thing is to look at the above in companion to this: Forge Trait Mega-thread (Updated for Release 203)- Boons, Quirks and Defects! if you hadn’t already found a good reference.

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Ugh, forgot this means Ill eventually need to update that again 🤦


Well my original point still stands. I dont want any negative effects on my end game weapons. And I’m so happy for the people that just have the luck or whatever to end a forge with 1000 vigor ,not like it matters if you dont have the stability, however most people cant do that. Frankly I feel the dev’s put a lot of worth into those that say that which clearly gives the wrong impression for the rest of us. Why do we not only have to fight for the coils and mats and against rng and still have negative effects? The point of endgame is to be powerful not nerfed. And let’s face it so many people have already quit and your still concentrating on upping your fan base, as you should, but if you can’t even keep your current fan base I don’t see how that’s gonna help you. Why cant quirks just be weird little details that have no negative effects? And why the hell do you keep attacking boon compound and vigor catalyst when like I said before you still fight rng in forging and gathering the neccessary mats. Just because a select few can pull off having an unnecessary amount of vigor doesnt really mean anything for most. I also dont see you implementing another way to make epic weapons without these negative effects your trying to shove down our throats. And I’ve already seen plenty of comments saying that’s it’s nearly impossible now to get what we had before which I find ridiculous.

I know. and that is fine, when I am using the boon removal solvent, it is for one of two things are both if I am unlucky

Loot collector → AoE, both are special
Crit → Damage, both are effect

The problem is when I for example have the crit boon, and I use the solvent, it gives me back the same crit boon 3 or 4 times in a row.

At this time RR feathers are insanely rare for me, in the time it took me to collect around 270 hopper cores, which they themselfs are rare, I have a grand total of 10 RR feathers. so while this is vaild. it is out of the question for me at this time.

The boon removal is better suited if it was less likely to give back the very same boon.

Due to the stability cost of the fate paste. I only feel like I can use a fate paste after I have all 3 boons on to the item at low levels as there is still a lot of RNG ahead i need to try to account for otherwise. Also not getting a defect or quirk is not even the problem at this time, the problem is just not getting the same boon back again, which can still happen with a fate paste as it doesn’t reduce the chance of that,

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Its completely possible, but different. And yes different often makes people uneasy. I hope you are on pc so you can jump onto testing and come try it out?

Come on… Do you actually play your own game? Is there a player that used wooden tools for more than the initial 30 minutes?..
Why do you keep focusing on something that is completely useless and serves only the tutorial purposes. It’s a waste of time and effort.
Stone tools are as cheap as the wooden ones and after forging could be actually useful to the starting players…
I guess nobody cares about low tier stuff :man_shrugging:

Feathers are rare indeed! I found enough to make 1 mass, and have been debating daily whether i need to use transmute or can get away with removal. I’ve also been bitten by 3 or 4 bad rolls in a row, more than once per forge.

As for fate paste, i never use it atm, because of other reasons. I’m on a 12h call tonight so just got the testing news before i left for work, will probably be able to give better advice once I’ve played around with the new system a bit.

BTW, you can speed up forging by waiting for the animation to start, then leaving the forge and going back in. This makes each round almost instant.

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND doing this until you are comfortable being able to identify what happened the last round without having been there


The tick tock of the machine is really the only thing keeping my sanity intact while trying to operate this volatile rage reactor.


They are flat wrong. We can make 3x3, +dmg, +dura gem hammers with no quirks on testing.


I am not. Ps4. However I still dont want any negatives which is my point. Idc if it has a small positive. I do not want to play endgame nerfed in any way. That’s just stupid. I’ve never played a game that you were nerfed endgame and will not start now. All that’s doing is saying no matter what your time investment means nothing

Crete no offense but you’re also like one of the very few people who can pull off having a crazy level of vigor where most cant. So to me your opinion isnt valid for the normal level forger

The problem is how much harder and more expensive are they to get to what we have now of equal strength?

Yes the vigor regen trick is dead now but it was an expensive mechanic / takes longer and even more so if we are forced to use even more road runner feather solvents.

The vigor regen was not horrible to get going other then the extra expense of hopper cores and a forge slot but it was more about having enough stability to get a decent tool and that’s the issue most have under normal forging.

Even more so when people want specific boons and with quirks being added also either people will spend more time trying to get the right ones thus reducing tools power that much more because of stability / vigor cost or just use pure boon 3’s until they get nerfed but vigor regen will be killed off then because of this.

Understood. Either way, I would like you and everyone to be fully informed. I’ll try to make one, and report back what was used to do so.

I have a feeling they might be even cheaper to make on testing.

You are correct however, that they will take longer to make. I have given @rossstephens an idea on how to nullify that.

May I ask what is your normal or average items used in a 3x3, lvl9 +dmg, lvl7 +dura? I know there are like 3 ways to make one right now…

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I don’t usually go for such high end tools as it’s near impossible to get that kind of tools without the use of expensive road runner feathers as I save the solvents for slingbows because of them being harder usually because of the busy bee lightness gum sharing with so many other lightness effects.

Even going for normal 1 shot t6 3x3 tools with level 8 damage and some extra durability can be iffy without the use of the solvents at times.