Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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So basically I got perfect tools… with less efficiency than everyone else. This is good news to me as this means it will be easier XD


Either something is bugged, or maybe one of your coils did not connect correctly to the forge.

can you look to see if the forge states you have 7200 units of power?


No no I figured there was a hard cap on 15 so I know where my issue lies :slight_smile:


Um excuse me but who exactly gave me that info but Crete? No one. And how exactly am I wrong? Because it doesnt nerf you until 55%? That doesnt make me wrong and doesnt change my opinion. I also never said any of you were wrong for your opinions. I said I didnt agree but you obviously love to attack people so what can you do? Crete gave me a rough percentage where you did what exactly but complain about my opinion? Nothing. You bring up portals like it has anything to do with what I was talking about and believe this game should be nerf bombed as you put it. Where I believe more content and options should be added not butchered and given more useless items in game. So no I dont think you or the other guy were helpful at all. Just condescending and rude trying to force me to see your way and I dont that’s the bottom line. So deal with it and have a great day


Below are quotes of people who politely explained to you, in detail, why you were wrong for a number of reasons, and below them is a list of several comments you made that showed entitlement, anger, passive-aggressiveness, and hyperbole.


The worst part of all this is that you have some valid concerns, and I actually agree with some of them. For me personally, I don’t like RNG in my games, and so the Forge is a major turn-off for me, and negative quirks were especially troublesome, but as we’ve explained, they aren’t nearly as negative now.

The problem is, a constructive discussion with someone who flings around swear words and hyperbole is impossible.


My suggestion to the people intent on turning this thread into a flame war… take a break from the forums for a while, otherwise I’ll be forced to put it on time out.


I hope you can put the players causing the problem on time out and not the whole thread.

Its a jolly shame for a few bad eggs to suppress everyone elses ability to post here because they forgot to take their joy.


1v1 me bruh
Though I do still say that this whole forging decision was a good choice. I don’t bother scrolling up most of the time on the forums as it always gets too many… heated moments or someone says something a tad excessive


I won’t lie that I was the reason for a few heated moments sorry for those outbursts.
But for the topic on hand, adding quirks to not be awful was an excellent step in the right direction
Thank you boundless team for reading the things your community suggests and trying to make the best out of it :smiley:


Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of fine control. I really don’t want to have to lock the thread (albeit temporarily), but if I’m forced to, I see it as a better alternative to letting the auto-mod kick in and do it anyway.

I agree. Let’s all try and help to keep it on track from now on.


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We were doing so well…
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While I feel the changes are positive, there are are a few issues I feel should be addressed.

First, are some of the quirk changes. All of them are changed for the better, but a few are still too flawed to be considered viable;
Wonky Trigger - Regardless of the additional durability, this one takes away control from the player and is even dangerous to the player under many circumstances. This one is far too flawed to be a quirk. It should be moved to defects or removed altogether.
Nutritionally Challenged - Again, there are too many drawbacks to this even with the boost for it to be anything but a defect considering the energy/hunger issues mining already has.
Bleeding Edge - This one is even worse than the others. Health damage just from holding an item, let alone using it, can only be considered a defect in any form. This is not even close to being a real quirk.
Aggravated Attacks - Not sure if this one still exists as a quirk, but if it does, it also is a defect.

Second is Efficiency; is it capped at 200 now? Or will it get higher? Having 300 or higher for the lower tier tools would make forging them far more viable and cost effective. This would be a good thing, imo.

Finally, what is the intended max potential of forging items and how necessary for higher tier worlds? It seems like forged gem tools are now a must for effective mining and some gathering on tier 6 worlds due to the high armor and health of blocks. This makes me wonder at how much more difficult it will be on tier 7 or 8 worlds if/when they drop.


Where in this hazardous workplace, that follows absolutely no OSHA guidelines, can I find this calendar?


On paper I’d agree that the first 3 quirks seems like defects, but I’d like to know if you’ve used any tools with them on? The quirks seem to be now [negative impuct] but [positive] if [condition].

I made a sweet axe but it had bleeding edge… I decided “meh, lets try it out”. Turns out it eats 10 helath every 5s. If i kept my character full up, I regenerate 20hp every 5 seconds… So basically this quirk will now give you 30% health IF you keep yourself in a regenerating state (regen epic included at any hunger level). that’s pointless for a hammer, but nice for a gatherer to survive random 1-shots and better for a hunter with a full belly.

Similarly, if you use well fed foods with a nutritionally challenged tol, you score 30%free stamina.
also, Aggrevaated attacks is awesome for anyone running the rage epic and wanting to get shot at.

Wonky trigger - I havent played with it, so can only comment on the paper-based description… But I’ve seen people stripmining. There isn’t a lot of standing around looking at the scenery, it’s mostly just holding down bash and running. In this case, an accidental extra hit is basically just a free swing where you get 400 extra durability (which when running the dura epic or a persisting loaf means +570 hits, epic + loaf = 1000 hits, epic + pie = 1333 extra hits!) - quite handy. it does mean switching off your tool when not actively using it though.

Edit - to work out extra hit under persisting conditions: epic or loaf alone reduces durability by 30%.
that means 70% (100-30, 0.7) of hits decrease durability.
Total hits gained = extra durability / [ (100-dura modifier)/100 ].
also see here and this for more on durability


As someone who really wanted to play around with forging, was always put off by the ingredients. Spitter Eyes were a royal pain in the rear.

When playing with the forge, the results were always so bad compared to the costs involved that it was a deflating experience.

While the system was / is something that takes practice to ‘master’ , I was just never that willing to pay that price to master it by losing perfectly good hammers and perfectly good [high value] shop selling ingredients.

I am on ps4 so cannot test but the changes look good from a newbie point of view and I will definately be keen to try forging again. Looking forward to seing this in live


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