Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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Here you go: Forging process - speed it up! Now without ESC! :slight_smile:


Both of these things are extremely easy to avoid.

Use a grapple when you mine straight down.

Don’t destroy blocks directly in front of you, put a few points in control.


“Stop being an ass” from the person on here making an ass of themselves with an “opinion” based purely on speculation and no actual experience. I’m not sure you actually even play the game if you can lose your health while mining and not have any way to get it back. There are a million ways to not be full health, but there are loads of ways to get back to it once you’ve lost it. Get outta here with your “opinion.”


Keep this topic on track and cut out the name calling please. Agree to disagree if you come to an impasse and move on.


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I never said I couldn’t get it back did I? I just prefer to use as little resources as possible considering doing everything in the game on your own is very time consuming


This is weird.

They give us the tools to make even more powerful weapons/tools, 3x3 +Dmg +Dura +Spd(when in good health).

Valid concern.
After reading your comment and testing, the added speed doesn’t go away until after you are less than 55% health. So you could take a lava hit, or fall on the way down, and you might still have the speed buff.


another thing to consider - for example carpe noctem/diem quirks…
It’s quite common for hunters to carry 2 complimentary slings, and this works really well especially in mixed elemental waves. Similarly, if forging moves to live in the current state it’s in on testing, there would be great advantage in taking tools with quirks that have complimentary pairs.

Use your day hammer until the sun sets, then simply roll one over to your night slugger.
Your miner has 10 thumbs and seems a bit clunky hitting every branch on the way down? a single “low health” tool might be a useful spare tyre to use until those prime steaks kick in.

I Love how many more options we now have - I am quite interested to find out from people who don’t like the testing situation what exactly they find to be “a nerf” from the proposed changes?

I’m not fully on board with the 200% efficiency across the board, I think it’s awesome for low end tools (effectively makes your compounds cheaper / stronger) but I feel that high end tools need to have at least a reason to consider any of the 1k boon compounds without wasting such a significant portion of it.


I don’t think it is. Try putting a topaz hammer in, that is 165% inless i failed to do something obvious.


There are caps and 200 is the high cap for titanium and everything below but diamond/emerald is 181 and the others are lower so no you aren’t doing anything wrong… that or I’m doing something wrong


and this part is a little confusing


Thank you for testing it and letting me know. I really appreciate that and you informing people vs talking down to others for their concerns and opinions. I still think it’s ridiculous though that your health or food level would have anything to do with your weapon effectiveness.


I’m getting 200% effectiveness with diamond hammers with 7200 power and max Int. Haven’t really tried many other tools, just been fiddling around with ingredients to see what kind of boons/quirks I can get. And so far I’ve been consistently making AoE T6 one-hitters with extra durability with no quirks or quirks that are actually a benefit. My deck is Longevity Gum, Effect Gum, Special Gum, Stabilisation Paste 2 (Protection Paste 2 works here as well), Fate Paste 2, Draining Boon Compound 1 (NOT 2, unless you’re specifically trying to get quirks), Vigour Catalyst 2, Boon Transmute Solvent, Quirk Transmute Solvent, and Setting Resin. If you are familiar with the mechanics, you can use those ingredients to get some pretty sweet tools. I love the new quirk system, it makes great tools even more awesome if you can manipulate the quirks into getting what you want. Sure, I occasionally get unlucky and get a quirk that isn’t all that great (the ravenous and low health ones in particular), but that’s standard process for forging now anyways. Occasionally, your rolls aren’t going to be that great and you’re going to end up with a subpar outcome. That’s just the inherent RNG of the system.


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I was just getting ready to type this…


yeah I stand corrected, I didnt mean EVERYTHING but that is what i wrote hehe. Hyperbole abounds!

I mean, if gems could be boosted to around 120-130%, with the idea that you’d need a maxed setup to reach full efficiency (100%) on future items like blink rift and dark, then I’d be cool with it…

At the moment, getting 200% on *most items and 165% on topaz is basically equivalent to changing that wood through to diamond all still get 100% but the balanced / fast gems go down to 90% and 80%…

I just think that slightly misses the point of promoting earlier forging / low tool forging, as there is still no measureable difference between forging say a stone hammer and a titanium one. I suppose the balance is not directed at max setups - so a character with lesser stats and an unpowered forge will likely see a much larger difference between tool types.

Thanx, had to type a bit for the brain to get through that one :wink:


Thank you for sharing. I will be seeing what I can do with that setup. However on a practical level I would need to see if I can find a way to do it with out the boon transmute.


Yeah the Transmutes are expensive. They are crucial to removing most of the elements of RNG, however. If you’re just shooting randomly, they aren’t necessary, but if you’re going for specific enhancements, then they are.


thank you kindly :slight_smile: