Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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This seems intended. You can either forge with low power + stronger boons or higher power + more boon diversity. I think this matches the devs idea that you need to be a “master forger” to get the most out of the forge, and allows multiple paths to getting “master” status, assuming one method in the new system isn’t way out of line with everything else (I generally don’t check out game’s beta branches, so I don’t know if that is the case on testing or not right now)


And you consider nerfs to be the answer?


So there was never supposed to be endgame but it was on for PC to have it a long time before ps4? So just screw us then right?


10x10 hammers.


Change the way you think of the forging. The over 500 point compounds are for those who have yet to max power. Getting to “end game” (if that is even the right way to think of anything in a sandbox) means you are rewarded and can use the cheaper versions for much greater effect at less cost. Where as a person who is just starting uses the cheap ones and low effect. And someone climbing up increases the cost to make compounds and use them for low power or mid level forging.


If need-be. In most games I am a fan of bringing up what is under powered instead of nerfing what is OP, but as it stands these hammers are just out of line. Like I said, in 15 hours I have gotten more stuff than my previous 250 hours. That means that the current end game tools are something like 16-17 times more efficient than the gear that comes before it. That seems out of line with game progression to me, and badly so.

Let me ask you this. You obviously don’t like nerfs. What would you suggest they do to balance the game that allows them to keep the current “meta” forging exactly as is?


PC users had a 3 week headstart, during that time they set up the portal hubs I’m sure you’ve used. You didn’t lose any time in the end. You have no idea what kind of grind this game had before portal hubs.

Imagine having to use coin and a portal totem every time you wanted to travel to Serp or Besevrona?

There was always supposed to be an end-game, they just didn’t realize how effective the bombs and hammers people crafted would be. They screwed up. End-game wasn’t supposed to be people gathering 2,000 gems easily in a few hours. It’s trivial now. They kneecapped their own game.


I don’t think this is a nerf at all. And i’m almost certain now that you haven’t actually done much research into this. There’s a quirk that gives extra action speed if you have full hunger. When do you want to have full hunger? When you’re mining. There’s a quirk that gives less enegry drain when you’re full health? When are you full health? When you’re mining. There’s a quirk that gives extra max energy but drains your hunger faster? When are you gonna stay full hunger as often as possible? When you’re mining. None of this is a nerf. I used Draining Boon Compound 1 instead of 2, and some Protection Paste, Fate Paste, and Vigour Catalyst and got the same exact results I’ve been getting. And the quirks hardly come into play anyways if you’re using your Fate Paste, as they’ll tend to roll lower on those anyways. Go test these things out and then get back to me.


Hence my bandaid thread I made. They need to nerf-bomb this game now, accept a few months of negative reviews, and then advertise the game again. Having a tool THAT much more powerful than the previous tier makes new content impossible.


The forging system has always had an element of RNG to it. Have you actually ever forged anything before?


If I remember right, PS had their HUB up in three days


I indeed used the esc method. I am on PC so if you link the thread i am all for trying the other method. Thank you!


I just realized I did my math wrong, it was 15 hours real time, not playing time (only played about 5 of those hours). So it’s actually probably about 3 times more efficient than figured. That would put them around 50 times more efficient than the tools that came before them. That is in the realms of creative mode.


Well you gave a good option yourself bringing the other things up like they plan to is a great start. But taking more away and making more things useless isnt. I agree that people should be able to forge at all levels to make the grind a bit better. I like some of the ideas they had that make it more accessible to people. That doesnt mean they need to shove negative weapon effects down our throats. I dont want a weapon that’s stronger in the day and weaker at night etc. Tell me how that’s going to be any better when the new stuff comes out? How it’s going to be anymore balanced? How your finally going to be able to have weapons without ■■■■ quirks or defects on them reliably?


Yes obviously. You must think your funny. I’m simply saying it doesnt need more rng as far as that comment was concerned


From the sounds of the people on this thread, you wont have them shoved down your throat. You are taking the most cynical tack possible on this. Why? And how it’s going to be more balanced is self evident. These 3x3 hammers that carve up the hardest worlds either won’t exist or they won’t be so easy to make/common. If you ever played RE4, these 3x3 hammers are the Tommy Gun (more generally, if you ever played a game where once you beat it you get a weapon with like a billion damage and infinite ammo that trivializes the entire game). RE4 is a great game, but the tommy gun is fun for about 10 minutes, and then you realize that it takes away everything that made RE4 fun (at least it did for me).

Edit: So, how, then, do we bring everything else up to this level and have a game that is balanced for all occupations and has a functioning economy? Obviously I don’t expect you to have all the details worked out, but broad strokes how would you do it?


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That’s just an example of a hammer. If you’re mining, why wouldn’t you be at full health and full food? And again, it’s way easy to forge without even getting any quirks. With the 200% effectiveness, you can use a Pure Boon Compound 3 and get 800 boon points, which is plenty, and not ever even see a quirk. Seriously, go test this stuff out before complaining about things you obviously don’t have a clue. I’ve been on the testing server for a few hours now testing out new ways to forge, and there I have mulitple forges filled up with lots of gear that is just as good if not better than the stuff I’m able to forge on live.


So, do you have any ideas about how you would balance the game, or are you just going to screech about how unfair it is? If so, there is the “What turns you off of playing Boundless” thread.