Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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I agree that having numbers at your disposal makes everything better on it for the reasons you’ve stated


I should point out Trundamere that we may just disagree on this point, and that is 100% okay. I don’t want my response or this thread to diminish your feedback or POV since it will be helpful to the Dev’s.

I like centraforging, I just want to enhance it as an RNG / adaption system

Also, I can see how as someone that wants to master the RNG via skill that is frustrating, and you want to move toward an ability to master that RNG.

That is not the same direction I am hoping that Centraforging moves. I do respect your opinion and your perspective and appreciate you taking the time to share it.


Just adding in the result of testing new methods on forging so many different ways because of how great the test server is


Is possible, as my intelligence suffers greatly in the morning.

How do I know? I don’t know for sure. We never know anything for sure intill after the fact. But you have to make an statement and test it to know. I claim that it most likely won’t make that much of an improvement. And that claim is up to being proven wrong.

What I say is based on personal experience and how it will most likely effect me. I do not know in full what other players are doing and therefore I can only assume, which may very well be 100% wrong, that they may be having a similar experience as I do at some point.

This could very well be the case. Just for me, that isn’t why it is frustrating.

We don’t know for sure no, but for me having the general idea is good enough considering how much of a gum to use, never has resulted in a large problem, inless i make the purposeful choice to try to be greedy and put it up for risk by using less then i should at that point. Me knowing that 6 gums is 100% most likely won’t change how much I use at this time.

I don’t think I said that experience is an replacement for choices. they go hand and hand with each other because with out experience you can not make good choices in most cases.

To me at this time it is mostly luck. It is possible there is something I am missing, but most of my failures are from bad RNG or bugs that are also RNG based.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me. But I will point out how I feel about it, and if people can prove me wrong, if people can show me there is more I can learn, then I am all up for that. I invite it, I would not be posting my thoughts otherwise if I was not also expecting people to try to get me to change my mind, as hard as that might be at times.


@rossstephens If i were to forge a totem with these quirks right now on live ;

Will the stats update when the forge patch goes live or would I need to forge another totem?


Yes you did and i use it, but as i already mentioned in my post i am not a big fan of your solution. I think we should get a choice if we want to cut those animations short.


No my worries are having any negative effects and not being able to get the same quality as before without them. So no testing the nerfs wouldn’t make me any happier. Forging though difficult is one of my fav things and they’re wrecking it for me. Just giving us more useless ■■■■ and constantly nerfed weapons over some stupid idea that no one should be endgame until the rest of their content is out like dark matter etc is released which is a long way off and they already cant keep their player base because the nerf hammer doesnt stop swinging and theres frankly not enough content for them to keep removing. So once again no but thank you anyway


Power creep yes. Their nerfing no because they keep making the game less fun


However I can say that them basically saying the hundreds of hours I’ve put into this game to get to the point of forging high level gear was basically for nothing is messed up. And I’m sorry they camt even keep the ones they have. You think people are going to struggle for however many years it’s going to take them to give that content for an endgame? That’s insane and this game will die for it


Oh totally agree. Sorry I must’ve missed that! I was reading on my phone inbetween things. I think there’s a chance we’ll see options to shorten it in future.

Edit: No, I didn’t misread it. You are using ESC method as far as I can tell from your post. Are you on PC? The .json file tweak is different, doesn’t need ESC and works nicely to speed the whole process up without having to jump in and out of the UI. I can link the thread if you want to try it. It’s made forging much more tolerable for me.


Like I say I think once you see it you will worry less. You can still get good stuff and it’s been boosted in other areas. You don’t have to have quirks and some of them are a net positive anyway. Fully-Filled for example is a good thing if you’re the kind of miner who eats food to keep the stamina bar high. Similarly, my miner is extremely rarely low on health whilst mining so if I got Best Of Health quirk on a hammer I’d be very happy.

I think price will go up on 3x3 high DD hammers for a while but they’ll still be doable. I’m going to have another try with some different options (thanks @Prome3us!) and see what I can get with high end ingredients and different combos.


No I’m saying they are making it less fun. Power creep at this point is bs. I’ve put in the hours for endgame. A lot of people have and we deserve to stay their not be knocked back down for content they haven’t even released and frankly at this rate even when they do most people wont be here to care. Once again its messed up to say everything we’ve already done means nothing. I went through all the steps and did everything needed to get to where I am now. To have that ripped away is bs


Would quirks being tied to certain boon categories be too OP? Been playing around with the new forging mechanics on testing, and those new quirk changes are pretty cool. It would be nice to be able to target a certain quirk, but I can also see how that might make it a little too unbalanced.


Have you actually tried the new system in testing? It’s actually still pretty simple to make high-end forged items. And with the new quirks, if you get decent rolls, you can actually forge even better gear. A T6 one-hitter with a quirk that increases action speed or decreases energy drain or even increases max energy? I’ve already forged tons of them on the testing server, and it wasn’t really all that complicated, once you find the right combination of forge ingredients.


A surprising amount of the conversation has been from those who apparently (I don’t know for sure) haven’t even tried (or been able to try sorry ps4) the changes as is. It’s very weird having spent only a few hours on test and quickly found half a dozen styles to forge separate things that gave me what I aimed for at much less cost and hassle than the current system. And then seeing these comments. I wonder who has actually tested stuff. It’s way easier, way more control and better end results on each forge…


That’s what you think is threatening the game? Not the constant removal of useful things huh? Your entitled to have your opinion but I dont agree with you.


I disagree that it’s hard, it seems to be the easiest thing in the world at the moment, and that’s a problem. Last night, I finally was able to get enough hopper cores and wildstock horns to do the “meta” forging method. I watched Merlin’s tutorial a few times to make sure I had the steps down, and in 7 attempts I made 2 “perfect” hammers, 3 hammers that 1shot 3x3 T6 if I have a strength brew up, and 2 aborted attempts where I had to remove some boons and set the item to get my hammer back. I have only done some minor playing around with the forge before this and I was able to get great results. That isn’t hard. To go along with this, in the past ~15 hours since my first hammer finished, I have collected more resources than I have in my past 2 months playing this game (I started about a week after launch). That seems off whack to me. If this is the mid-game content, what can the devs possibly do to improve upon this? Craftable Deathstars?


So how are the compounds that right now give more then 500 points work with the double efficiency?

If the bar remains the same it’s going to be a waste of points when we use them once people add more coils unless we are able to fill up the bar more then once and then switch to a lower level compound to use them up.


In the long-term, powercreep is devastating to games, yes.

Boundless doesn’t have enough players right now, so to continue development they can’t rely on the few people like you or me, people who have already bought in, they need to rely on future purchases.

Catering to the needs of a playerbase this small would only cause them to lose money, and that results in both you and I not seeing any future content down the road.

The fact is, the launched the game too early, they know it, we know it, they clearly didn’t have a choice in the matter, and they didn’t remove the OP tools fast enough, so people like you are now outraged because you have expectations based around game-balance that was never intended to exist.

They screwed up. You have toys right now you were never supposed to have.


Exactly if you get good rolls just more rng when they claim skill. Yeah and when does that boon cost more energy? Since very few of those dont have a downside too.