Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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Come on… Do you actually play your own game? Is there a player that used wooden tools for more than the initial 30 minutes?..
Why do you keep focusing on something that is completely useless and serves only the tutorial purposes. It’s a waste of time and effort.
Stone tools are as cheap as the wooden ones and after forging could be actually useful to the starting players…
I guess nobody cares about low tier stuff :man_shrugging:


Feathers are rare indeed! I found enough to make 1 mass, and have been debating daily whether i need to use transmute or can get away with removal. I’ve also been bitten by 3 or 4 bad rolls in a row, more than once per forge.

As for fate paste, i never use it atm, because of other reasons. I’m on a 12h call tonight so just got the testing news before i left for work, will probably be able to give better advice once I’ve played around with the new system a bit.

BTW, you can speed up forging by waiting for the animation to start, then leaving the forge and going back in. This makes each round almost instant.

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND doing this until you are comfortable being able to identify what happened the last round without having been there


The tick tock of the machine is really the only thing keeping my sanity intact while trying to operate this volatile rage reactor.


They are flat wrong. We can make 3x3, +dmg, +dura gem hammers with no quirks on testing.


I am not. Ps4. However I still dont want any negatives which is my point. Idc if it has a small positive. I do not want to play endgame nerfed in any way. That’s just stupid. I’ve never played a game that you were nerfed endgame and will not start now. All that’s doing is saying no matter what your time investment means nothing


Crete no offense but you’re also like one of the very few people who can pull off having a crazy level of vigor where most cant. So to me your opinion isnt valid for the normal level forger


The problem is how much harder and more expensive are they to get to what we have now of equal strength?

Yes the vigor regen trick is dead now but it was an expensive mechanic / takes longer and even more so if we are forced to use even more road runner feather solvents.


The vigor regen was not horrible to get going other then the extra expense of hopper cores and a forge slot but it was more about having enough stability to get a decent tool and that’s the issue most have under normal forging.

Even more so when people want specific boons and with quirks being added also either people will spend more time trying to get the right ones thus reducing tools power that much more because of stability / vigor cost or just use pure boon 3’s until they get nerfed but vigor regen will be killed off then because of this.


Understood. Either way, I would like you and everyone to be fully informed. I’ll try to make one, and report back what was used to do so.

I have a feeling they might be even cheaper to make on testing.

You are correct however, that they will take longer to make. I have given @rossstephens an idea on how to nullify that.

May I ask what is your normal or average items used in a 3x3, lvl9 +dmg, lvl7 +dura? I know there are like 3 ways to make one right now…


I don’t usually go for such high end tools as it’s near impossible to get that kind of tools without the use of expensive road runner feathers as I save the solvents for slingbows because of them being harder usually because of the busy bee lightness gum sharing with so many other lightness effects.

Even going for normal 1 shot t6 3x3 tools with level 8 damage and some extra durability can be iffy without the use of the solvents at times.


I mentioned the stability in my previous post. But yes I completely agree with you chompman. I dont agree or like what’s happening in that regard at all


I love how it’s apparently so easy for you. Most people cant get those boons all that high let alone every time.


I think once you understand what each compound, gum and catalyst does, it becomes a lot clearer which things will work well together and if you run into issues with vigour and/or stability its easier to figure out a way around it.

Saying that it’s hard to consistently make high level equipment without quirks because you need expensive ingredients and a bit of luck seems to me to be self evident? It’s like saying its really hard to consistently make titanium tools in large quantities using only t3 worlds surface resources…

It seems a large part of what turns some people off of forging is that it takes some skill to make good products, where everything else in most games takes only ingredients.


Stahhhp! You had me at 3 ways…


Very minimal skill is involved in Forging. You just have to know good methods and follow them.


This isn’t it at all, at least not for me. I am fine with skill based games. LoL which I played full time before coming to this game is a very skill based game.

RNG is not = to skill in my book. not when the RNG is allowed to repeat to the extent that after a while it is allowed to get out of control

Someone came up with the idea, that RNG is Thrilling and Engaging. And for some people that may be the case. But that is mostly for Asian markets who are just masochists for grinding and RNG, Not so much for a western market.

And since I see we have no Asian servers, this game isn’t targeted at that demograph,

We have 2 locations for USA servers. 1 location for EU server. and 1 location for australia server. No servers in Korea, China, or so on. So it becomes obvious the target audience this game was designed for.

Now granted the RNG that the forge haves is not nearly as bad as what I have seen in some other games that are published for the Asian market. But it is just enough RNG to cause me to find forging more of a job and something I have to endure thru, then something that I am excited to do. Even with the method that the devs are trying to suppress.


It is not always easy… If I make it sound so, it’s because I would rather attract more people to forging then scare them away with stories of negativity and failure. We need more people forging. There still are times when I just don’t get the outcomes I want. Due to error in the rotation on my part, or some horrendous rolls of sliders…
I don’t advertise my failures, I use them. Like… I actually use them to mine with or fight with. They aren’t that bad… just not the best. My favorite is the Random Effect AoE. Underrated in my opinion, as there is no damage penalty. Certain ppl won’t touch the “failure” items though, cause they aren’t perfect. I haven’t used a “perfect” hammer since I started forging.

Check out the storage area at the InfiniPlexx sign @ Beckon Aquatopian Embassy. Second floor in the front is my “room of shame”.

In certain cases right now you can have a perfect tool/weapon every time. Not every Boon combo though, just certain ones (2 types max). They are trying to fix that and other issues.

The current system isn’t meant to be able to have perfect or desired outcomes every single time. And this new system isn’t either. I’ll keep my room of shame open i guess =P


You should. Otherwise you may be giving people high expectations for something and when they themselves discover that they can’t do what you seem to be doing, they will be that much more disappointed.


I hate those games where you can upgrade your weapon (+1) at the risk of destroying it… I’m looking at you BDO!


Aion was the game I played that had an upgrading system that had way way way to much RNG for me. You could put gems/rune? or something in to your weapon up to 3 or 4, and each time you add a new gem/rune the risk of destroying every gem/rune that is slotted is higher, and then you have to start all over


I know some people use Pure Boon in it’s current state. I have no idea how. Maybe for a single or double Boon, quick-forge… But the spitter eyes just sell so well, I can’t use them!