Forging Pricing and Demands


Anyone that wants to share their thoughts and preferences is helpful.

So im look for what people prefer in forges. Like what type of Boons on slings, tools, grapples etc…
Also what how much would you like it to be.
Example. Are these Boons on these tools/grapple what ppl want. Also if the pricing is to low/decent/high.

Then what would people wanting to pay for exo gear.
Example what would you want to pay for this one.

Or are you more interested in lower ranked ones.

Thanks for any Info :slight_smile:


Im pretty vanilla with boons on most things, damage/aoe/range/durability… but it really depends on the use. I also like silver axes with no energy drain and magnet for harvesting t1s etc. I think it depends very much on what youre doing and on what tier planet.

As for the rift grapple, only one ive seen sold was 100k. But theres very few people that can make then, so you can charge whatever you want really. Personally I think with the rareity of them 100k is a bargin.


For the gem tools, I would say 10k is on the higher end for top tier quirkless tools, for 13.5k Id be expecting the quirk that makes you mine faster at higher health/hunger as a bare minimum.

For forged rift tools, its hard to say.

I would probably pay no more than 30k each, but i’m aware this is probably less then what it even costs to make it.


I also have
470 rift sling with Max Dmg, Max Crit % and 9/10 Crit dmg.
460 rift grapple 8/10 Range, Max Dura and Max Reel speed.
If we take 100k as the average 480, what would you feel a 10/20 ranked lower be priced?

Yeah it cost more then 30k each to make a 480 exo gear :slight_smile:
For me 10k for a Max ranked gem gear seems a bit low but any input is helpful. :smile:


Mostly going by what the golden fist sells, who’s prcies for various gear is similar to what I stated, as well as back when Aenea sold them in New leyden market, as well as my own experiences selling AoE tools.


Vansten has it pretty well stated really. The T7 gear is more ‘look at me’ than anything. The rise in cost (inflated due to rarity) does not much a rise in efficiency.


Maybe Rift hammer is more valuable. 3x3 and 7+ Dmg can 1 hit t8, gravel and all “not seams”.
Or any Rift tool overall. 1 hitting trees and dirt on t7-t8 does saves a ton of time.


I think 10k for top tier gem tools is cheap too, although i sell lower durability ones from 9500c, but i dont consider that the top of top tier. AOE max damage/max durability sell out regularly at 15k.


Given the relative difficulty to nail a 350-360 with no defects or quirks, I assume the following:

350-360: 10-18k with the average closer to 15k.
330-340: 8-12k
310-320: 6-10k

That’s based on buying all my tools until just recently. Either from stands or hand trade, prices were very consistent.


The highest prices I have is 12k. Those are max damage, max dura, 3x3 aoe hammers and max damage, max multi shot, 9 crit effect slingbows. Anything under that is cheaper.


Keep in mind, with the chrysominter, prices will trend up as supply diminishes. More liquidity in the economy means more folks buying “stuff”.

But as long as folks are churning out 360 hammers by the dozens, I don’t expect prices to hit equilibrium let alone increase for awhile. It just makes it easier for players that don’t forge to buy stuff.



I’m selling them again but now at Nova Golda Market!

The gem tools you show I would sell for 9999c, anything which can 1 shot T6 and has durability of 1600 or more, so even a +2000 dura one…


Yea I think what it is some people just don’t look around or they have a go to place on the forged tools and don’t realize they are paying a higher price. There’s plenty of places that sell them for 10k. But you were/are the one that kept up with the demand better than the other places I know.


Let’s not forget the cheaper tools. Some ideal ones for farming bark, shimmering orbs, peat, silty soil, sand, clay and ash are

  • Diamond axes with 3x3 aoe
  • Topaz/diamond (any gem aside from amethyst) shovel with 3x3 aoe
  • Titanium shovels with 3x3 aoe

Magnet and dura are extras that are nice but not required.


I’m a big fan of sapphire tools in general. They handle a lot of content. And its so easy to become flooded in in with the way houchus spawns it. I can gather it at a rate of 1-1.4k an hour on certain areas every few days.

I think that’s what is cool about Boundless, so many ways to play.


If you forge 3x3 on it and damage lvl 9 with a mega strength brew it also makes short work of a T7 planet :wink:

I love sapphire hammers!


Two out of those 3 don’t necessarily mean cheaper tho??

Forging/crafting any gem tool takes the same mats, price is the same

Or do you mean no extra dmg, no dura, no extra action speed, no nothing besides the 3x3?


Shhhh! Don’t let out all the sekrats!


Ohh and no dura but action speed! ahhhhhhh, don’t even miss those fast brews then!


I see a lot of grapples with reel speed instead of projectile speed. Personally, I never buy these. A grapple needs to be +30 max range and +35 m/s or more projectile speed (+50 preferable of course). After that, either reel speed or durability is an optional bonus. Lately I’m using reel speed over durability, but it’s easier to forge with durability than reel speed.