Forging Pricing and Demands


Yes, the thing that makes them cheap is that nothing else than 3x3 is required.

Diamond 3x3 axe can 1-hit T3 trunk, bark drop rates on T3 are 75% that of a T6, but a 3x3 diamond axe shouldn’t cost 75% of a T6 1-hit axe so it’s more coin efficient.

Shimmering orbs drop the same on T1 as on T6, downside is that you do need more bombs on T1 since growth spots are small on T1 planets. Bombs aren’t that expensive though, you’ll make your money back with just chrysominting the growth. 1800 orbs/h on T1 with a 3x3 only gem shovel. 30k growth too, which mints to 15k coin :smiley:

Titanium shovels on T1/T2 also 1-hit all soft stuff, peat (cheap fuel btw), silty, clay, sand etc. Ash and growth are harder materials so titanium doesn’t 1-hit it, but any gem tool (aside from amethyst) does.


Wait, you’re farming growth for shimmers now or did you just do a test run to parse numbers on a time ROI?


Actually you don’t even need a mega strength brew. Believe super is enough. Unless it’s only super at dmg 10


Depends on if I’m low on glowing lamella, I don’t use a tons of shimmerings so I usually don’t have to go growth farm. I just did a standard 10-min test on a growth farm and got some numbers on it to see how viable it is. And it’s maybe too viable, felt a bit like cheating after farming glowcaps.

But don’t nerf growth farming too much pls devs, buff glowcaps instead, they’re way too rare to compete with growth.


Please tell the people that so my farm will actually make me coin instead of make me lose coin :sweat_smile:


I think the problem is more with how rarely a single player has to visit a specific farm. Farming for an hour will make you enough drops to last for a long time. A larger player base would fix it too.


Perhaps re-open the portals to Nova Golda then?? :wink:


We derailed the initial convos, sorry everyone.:grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always feel like the luck drops would have been a nice bonus, farming some of these materials with one hit tools is tedious and if you needed them it would be cool to occasionally get a little ‘extra’ here and there.

The way it is, it’s really sad.


Yea I meant to do that earlier. But I’m going to bed now so I can go to work later :sweat_smile: it’ll have to wait till morning


Yep, that is my opinion as well. 370 rank hammers a little more expensive. Perhaps 18k, but this is the beginning of the vanity tool range to me.
Perfect Rift forging to my knowledge is possible by 2 people right now. VERY much a vanity item, especially with the cost to forge. My personal use items (disposables) sit squarely in the 10-15k range and I accept no defects or quirks, except:
(1) quirks on hammers: lower energy, higher speed, sinking feeling). 2 or 3 of these quirks, to me, offsets the annoying buff/debuff animation.
(2) critical damage and critical chance defects on any item except bows.



I think by and large that’s how most of us do it, regards to personal items.

I think more than 3 people are capable of doing a perfect rift forge. It’s just time consuming as hell. Not a lot of people want to sit for 10-15 mins just to repeat 3-4 cycles of mats to build up a high enough stab/vig base for a vanity item. That time could be sent enjoying other parts of the game, however if that status makes the game funner than there are clearly folks who will be there to provide that service.


I’m not having any problem finding +20 dmg, 3x3, 1200 - 1400 dura diamond tools at or under 8k.

At 8k you sometimes get them with no quirks. Quirks may push it down as low as 6500 - 7k depending on the forger (and the quirk).

If you’re seeing these items at 8999 - 10k ask the forger, if you want a stack they might help out. Even tax splitting is a lot at these prices.

i’ll pay 9 -10k sometimes for a tool with +1800 durability.I’m not touching any tool for 12.5k without +2k durability and solid +damage.

Just some off the cuff thoughts regarding tools specifically and the current (last three - four weeks) market.

Keep your eye out I got a perfect diamond grapple for 9k and a nearly perfect match for 6k. Two different vendors at two different times. If you can afford to “shop ahead” it helps a lot.

I haven’t paid for a weapon since january :blush:


Well, I’ll forge ANYTHING if you bring the object and cover mats +50%

Edit: I will forge ANYTHING, including specified boons, and specified quirks… (or no quirks)


Personally i like making the 3x3, 10/10 Dmg and Dura. Lets ppl to 1 hit t6 even if they dont max out mining. They can save up to 8 points and use it in other stuff and still 1 hit.

I would have thought Range and Reel speed was the more popular. Due to you can build up such momentum with reel to do more release long jumps. And not having dura seems just a waste. It would last double the time with max dura then the ones without. But this is only my preference.

What do you guys prefer in slings/fists? Recently ive heard more ppl doing “Shotgun” or “Weakness” slings.


Projectile is probably more popular amongst the hunters. Gets you out of danger faster. Heck even for a miner trying to get out of the lava he just fell in projectile speed is better.


Thats true


I have reel speed rather than projectile speed on my grapples,.it’s always been my preference. However after nearly wearing out this set of 95m grapples,I’m going to start going for projectile speed.

The higher end grapples get you there quickly enough for me. But trying to hit a moving target, or hit a target while you’re moving at that kind of range is awfully hard.

FWIW I always double grapple and I try not to throw myself.


I can see that if you are using double.


That’s the thing, it’s why forging is so cool. No one is going to play exactly the same way so trying to pigeon yourself to a specific market isn’t good in the long run. You develop one type of client and when they quit playing who do you sale to?

When I do buy gear (not that often any more thought I do from time to time) I visit the shops that carry a wide range of items so that I can maybe find something to go along with whatever I’ve got with me at the time.