Forging Pricing and Demands


I forage and hunt roadrunners when i have time. For this I need range.

On group hunts I tend to act like a tank even though I’m not. Multi-shot is frustrating (to me) at any range but when you’re in a large group at a meteor hunt you can just get right down by the portal and splash out a ton of damage with it. Putting range on a multi-shot is a HUGE waste it needs extra damage.

I’m not sure (I don’t forge) but I think it’s probably like AoE anyways and you need to recoup some damage loss on a multi-shot.

Next prefer crit chance to crit damage IMO on both types. I’d rather have a high chance of doubling the ‘normal’ damage than some occasional extra damage.

Third boon is whatever’s handy (or would have been crit chance on a multi-shot) and as I mentioned, I can’t really discuss pricing in this area.

Fists IMO range, damage, crit chance. Though sometime I’ll try range, damage, and autoloot. I’d like to minimize changing gear at crowded hunts, especially if there are any quirksparkles to deal with.


Reason why i made this post :smile: See what people use and their comfortable price to buy said items.


Yea, but there is such a small population of the game that actually visits the forums. You’ll get some insight sure, but at the end of the day if you put an item out for a fair price I’m pretty confident it’ll sell.

Either way, good luck getting your stuff setup!


Lets say you got max crit on a 0% crit weapon thats 50%. Then with you skills its 20% with max agility and attribute. So 70% total to do a 20% dmg increase.
Example. If you do 10 shots with a weapon with 100dmg, 7 “70% crit chance” out of them would do 20% more dmg. Thats 1140 dmg.
But if you would max crit dmg. Which is 120% maxed on the same item.
Example. If you do 10 shots with a weapon with 100dmg, 2 “20% crit chance” out of them would do 120% more dmg. Thats 1240 dmg.
Isnt it? I might be to tired to do math xD


My ideal grapple is max light, max range and high projectile speed. Makes a great primary offhand.


Not sure and you just tied my brain in a knot. I’ll parse it out later.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen gear with 100% crit chance though. Am I just mistaking a damage stat?

But yeah, TBH just seeing more crits might be leaving me with the feeling that I’m doing more damage.


Balanced and Heavy sling do have 20% base. That would give you 90%. But even with 100% on a 100dmg sling it would do 1200dmg. Compared to the max crit damage, 20% “0% base” would do 1240. And the 40% “20% base” would do 1480 dmg.


I usually max damage and crit. Easy to get and max out. It’s the 3rd boon depending on what want. 10/10/4 multi is easy and doesn’t cost much to make. Rift not completely sure on it. I made 8 damage and crit 6-7 did 85k damage. Didn’t sell at 30k but sold in a day at 25k


I wish i had a pic of the stats on this fist. I’ll ask the forger if she remembers.

Crit pies just give crit chance, right? now I’m all confused heh. Sorry to get way off topic.


I think so. Its 100% crit chance


The best feather hunting advice I can give @Nightstar is find a big open flat area and run in. We got 72 in 2-3 hrs with four of us. I can get 12-18 alone where I hunt them in a pie or 2 depending on rng


If you got max crit dmg, max dmg and max dmg in skills. you do 18697 dmg when you crit with golden fist. So most likely something like that you got.


It sounds about right. I think this one might have had action speed or something else too.


Yeah I could make them too, gonna cost you a pretty penny tho, so am not even going to try. Right now I don’t see much of a use for rift/blink/umbris gear, I kinda hope that changes soon!


You should try one of our gold standard fists selling for 10k in The Golden Fist. I run crit pie and mega strength and get 30k damage out if it, with a range of 41m

Max range
Max damage
Max crit

Crit pie doesn’t guarantee a crit, but I seem to get them 4/5 times with my Hunter


Crit pie doubles the crit chance stat of your character. The weapon crit chance is then added I believe, not at home now to double check this though.

I was trying to figure out if I could make a crit damage AOE hammer for T7 with 100% crit chance using a pie. But the base 20% crit damage isnt quite enough.


It does seem these original prices are a bit high.

Unlike previous people, I don’t think rank is the only indicator though because it doesn’t consider some of the benefits of other things, such as quirks and the like. Some quirks are amazing, especially for exoworld miners.

A speed hammer with the full up/in good health quirks really make you able to just rip through a world without a speed brew. I get it though, because some quirks can be quite bad.


I find the particle effects to be so obnoxious that I cannot roll with any quirks. I’ll take a minor defect any day since it’s a straight stat-line reduction. But quirks? Blargh. Worse than quick time events in terms of gameplay disruption.

At least it’s avoidable.


I totally agree they are major disruption and I do not see the need for it to be such a spectacle when equipping them for that reason I don’t forge certain items with them such as grapples where the slight graphics lag they cause can kill you.

But on something like this ruby hammer which tears through T7 with 110 action speed, 1-shotting rocks using
a strength brew I just believe the price is worth the occasional momentary seizure that is induced on equipping


That’s a mighty nice hammer you got there