Forging Pricing and Demands


How bout we stick to the quirks and not his red tool. Tsk tsk :joy::joy::joy:


Bahahhaha!!! I’m totally compensating for something I assure you.

@FireAngelDth and whatever you were referring to when you say “hammer”… thankyou!!


Well I don’t sell anything for more than 10k. You can thank New Layden for that. T6 hammers axes and shovels for 8k. Not rank 350 or anything but good enough to get the job done. Gotta love the exos. My store is empty. Lol. But I’ll have more grapples on the way. Put more hammers in last night.


You’re welcome :joy:

BTW, I still don’t sell tools above 10k at Nova Golda Market :wink:

Highest speed/dura are 9999c, less high is cheaper with the cheapest also being 7999c. If it did get a quirk it’s even cheaper too…

Grapples and slings tho are a tad higher…


@AeneaGames Bahahaha. Was hoping you’d see that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now I’m under cutting. I use to sell for 10k. That was long ago. But I’ve gotten much better at forging and cut my cost so there’s still money to be made.


When I started I sold for 13k so yeah, it’s what happens!

Will check your shops out some time!


I’m wondering if the chrysominter will lead to any inflation once everyone gets power coils and starts liquidating their storage/essence


Sure dks legendville mall. Reapers


James did expressly say, and someone can correct me, the chrysominter would create a market where there was previously none. If the chrysominter can provide a more reliable income then trying to find a basket to sale to, then in the end we very well may see increases in some prices.

You need for some of these items to leave the world, otherwise they are just stockpiled and as a result retain little/no value


Already has. Since the chrysominter I’ve added over 250 new advanced coils to my factory. All paid for by exo planets and the chrysominter.

I went from a handful of machines that averaged 2k power to over 20 with each at 5100 (17 adv coils.

I’ve lowered my sell prices pretty much across the board and raised my buy prices. I get a steady stream of footfall but it is dwarfed by the minter.

It’s a great tool to generate immediate liquidity.


Nice looking shop!! Love the black with corruption and dark orange signs! Looks somewhat familiar to me tho! :wink:
Granted they work really well for a forgery shop!

Anyways, some nice gear there for great prices!

But you really should come check my current Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market! Just for funsies!


Yeah I’ll check it out when I get on.

Not sure what it looks familiar to?
Been like that since the start. Then changed it to marble a few months ago. Good colour combo though.


Ohh, I dunno:

That is my current shop! And my first one in New Leyden:

Seems we both have great taste! :smiley:

Tho I have to admit I was inspired by someone else who sold tools (don’t think they were forged tho) and they used black with corruption. Then when I build my first forgery stall I used that combo and looked for a gleam colour that fits nicely with it and dark orange is really the only one that does!

I just love the way it lights up in the dark!


You should go to my store in Quebec mall. It’s the best one I’ve made by far. The Corrupt Forge. It looks best at night.


Ahh yes, I thought you had another one couldn’t remember where it was tho! Will check it out tomorrow since I’m off to bed in a bit…


Yeah I’ll get by your place. What’s the easiest way to get there? Nighty night. :flushed:


DK’s Ultima Tree, shopping mall area at Ultima Eresho Hub, PS Lamblis, Nova Golda Mini Market (across Jacey’s Mall in Eresho), etc.