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I really think Wonderstruck (@james and the wonderful crew) Should really consider making this game FTP on the whole. I think it would do the game so much good. Here are a few things I’ve brainstormed while thinking about it.

  1. Perhaps give access to a set amount of planets as part of the FTP version of the game, for example a set core of 3 from each Server… Anyone that hasn’t upgraded to the full game isn’t allowed access through other portals outside of these planets

  2. If the above doesn’t appeal, make access to exo planets exclusive to PTP player’s.

  3. Restrict use of certain features in the game exclusive to PTP players (ie crafting of certain blocks or use of certain machines) “Please upgrade to the full version of the game to use these features” sort of bs :sweat_smile:

  4. Restrict the sale of in game items to PTP players, that’s way FTP players encouraged to upgrade?

I really think it would the game a world of good. Not only massively increase the player base, but also massively increase revenue for the studio. Also, it would help the whole economy in the game… More people selling more people buying etc etc… I’m pretty sure this would have probably been thought of by the dev team, but are there particular reasons as to why you haven’t taken this route? Perhaps server instability worries, more time needed by the studio then focusing on this one game etc etc? Would love to get some feedback.

Edit: Existing player base would just be as they are, no changes to their permissions etc.

Thanks :v:t3:

Everyone hates Pay to Win. So Im sure no one would like this idea :smiley:


Ylands did become FTP after leaving EA. it had survival and creative mode, all for about 20 coin. they made a powerful editor, made it FTP, but only creative, editor and player made content. survival mode still costs 20c. in EA, survival was the main thing about the game. so all who bought it then would pay the 20c now right? small change, pretty reasonable… it was a poo storm… so much complaining, so many hurt feelings for almost nothing

EDIT: instead of FTP make a demo version. severely limited, but enough to at least try how it runs


But that would be on the FTP players to upgrade to the PTP version. I think people would get a good idea and feel for the game enough to want to upgrade… well imo

I still think they should sell boundless life for $20 with only two characters and no extra skill pages


I came with the intention of no-ing it but i cant see a reason to do that now. Aside from point #1, the rest seems reasonable. Only issue with that point is those planets where ftp players can go will be filled with temporary and annoying beacons.

I can see some of us players who paid getting mad about this but if enough critical restrictions are placed, those ftp players wont be essentially enjoying the game like you. Plus, you got 2 years-ish of gaming time ahead of them.

Idk though man. This idea needs a lot of thinking and preferrably a thorough observation of how previous games that went ftp performed. Did they succeed or fail, their players responses, etc. Once you go ftp going back is close to impossible i believe. No harm in discussing though. This is what forums are for.



I absolutely agree with @DKPuncherello’s model. It would be the same kind of model used in Rainbow Six where you get the basic game without the extra operators. Here you would get limited characters and no skill pages. I would also personally like more cosmetics perhaps via a different currency that you have to pay to buy. Cubits are easily earned therefore the studio won’t benefit from extra cosmetics via cubit currency, so a new currency even if it’s £ or $ etc for purely cosmetic non P2W items shouldn’t cause too much of an outcry.

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There definitely shouldn’t be f2p players plotting on the existing worlds. That was a disaster. But if they spawned a planet or two and let f2p access any planets but only plot on the free planets that would be ok I think.

The devs need money though I think. I still think they should add a premium currency for some cosmetics. I just spent $10 to buy the alien Zarya skin on overwatch haha.


I mean, they could even do a FTP week/weekend like I know other games have. This is always a possibility :man_shrugging:t3:

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I LOVE in game cosmetics. I spent 100’s on Black Desert Online for things like Mount Costumes, Character Costumes, Pets, Wagons for my horses etc etc. They’re just a cool addition that have absolutely no impact on the gameplay but just make you feel good.

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I feel like they should add a new currency for plots only, and leave cubits for cosmetics and plots of you want to buy some.

We already have cubits, they just need to increase the cubits value of new cosmetics.

They need new Character models period, lol I want to be a kitty cat, :frowning: now that I would pay $20 for.

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I want a wildstoke mount, if they add new races/ character models it will probably be free when making a new character and will probably have some exclusive for gleamclub.

If memory serves they did that early last year and it meant that Trung and Dzz…whatever it’s called spawned.

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This sounds better a very basic setup for less money and then a couple expansion packs.

Id be against adding new premium currency:

1- More confusion as to what is purchased by which currency.

2- Deeper belief by outsiders that this is a p2w game.

3- People who have a lot of cubits and who paid for them wont be happy.

Devs can just make new stuff a tad more expensive instead of introducing a whole new premium currency.

Edit: idk why it replied to you winterfrost. This is to everyone xD


I say that basic mob mounts should be free (maybe you need to grind for the saddle and tame the mob) and then make the elemental skins a premium feature.

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I know why


With the ability to spawn them where even we want, I don’t think they would fit in a 1x2 portal.

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