Fresh Exo Worlds

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So it seems that Exoplanets were a big hit - monstrously full of goodies and lots of fun. High risk and high reward and all of that.

That all being said - where in boundless are the new T7s? [I was a butte here. Deleted].

Devs and especially @james you guys did amazing with the exo worlds - they are a blast. Lets see more T7 planets!


IMO Exo worlds should be a rare occurrence, especially T7 planets. Hate me forums!!!


more rare more better!


The system is intended to be random, and the resources intended to be rare. People are wanting lower tier exo planets as well.

If the system truly is rng in when how what is generated, I personally hope it stays that way. I like that exos are rare. It makes them fun and full of life when they do show up.


As much as I’d like one to spawn when I am actively looking for it, I know part of what makes them special is the element of surprise.


What have you done?! This is risky, especially on this forum :joy:

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I thought i would get hate for saying make the exo’s rare haha

Give it a few minutes, bud :joy:

I do need white mud with black spots though…anyone have some from the Gleambow event?

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Ask XxymoxX.

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Little ot, but I’ve been reading some behind the scenes articles on this and it’s downright depressing. These ppl went through a lot and put up with so much. I’m not saying I’m completely ok with their loot system (Because it’s not ok) but words from the fan base mean a lot to a development team, and a single snide remark can cut like a knife.
And that’s a large team.

So, I guess that can be taken as a lesson to all game players to be careful what words you use and how you say it.
Be supportive. Development teams really do want to see their babies grow, but there’s often complications the public is not aware of.

Ok, back ot.

YAY exoworlds!! :tada:


It bears reminding, fans are only fans as long as they have something to cheer about.

For example, i haven’t seen a Bears fan in probably 20 years.

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I like pandas! :panda_face:
And polar bears too!


Exo planets are too hard, i cant access every colour of every block with a level 5 character whenever i want.

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The unfortunate problem with that–at least for me–is I’ll only be playing when they’re around. The rarer they are, the rarer I am, and that kind of makes me sad.

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I agree with exoplanets being somewhat of a rarity. It would just be tiring to have them pop up every week. Need some time to recoup after breaking so many expensive hammers.


I definetily appreciate a break between exo worlds.
There is a compulsion (for me) to grab as much as poss as soon as poss so a break is welcome.
Also will make them feel a bit more special, rather than a constant rotation of specials which then just becomes the norm

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Do you live in Chicago? I can point you in the direction of at least 30 that I know of. Tho I guess that’s not many :joy:

Panda cleric…


But, but, but, I have so many that need selling!!!