Friend list not showing up in Sanctum on Ps4



Is this still happening?


It seems like a lot of menus dont work in the sanctum lol The locations not showing up alphabetically was one that got fixed


it seems to be just the charecter. but yes its annoying :frowning:


– if you’re on PS4 then you can just ignore all of this =P –

Have you been on the testing servers? I seem to run into this problem after i’ve logged onto them… deleting the chuck cache seems to fix it… but since i’m back and forth so much i’ve just come to accept that i can’t warp to friends from the sanctum ><

you can find the chuck cache by navigating to the " userdata " folder that is found in your Steam install directory… once there, do a search for " chuck " and it’ll come right up


That would of been the first thing I tried IF I played on PC. As I have stated in the title. This is also a PS4 issue. Very annoying as I am a leader of many other players and I am expected to efficient.


Just to check, are you able to view the list of friends when you’re on a world?


Yes, this issue is still happening from Early Access. I can view Friends List from any planet, but while in sanctum, I can not. This happens on my character Dumaru. It seems to be issue with the number of friends you have, at a certain number of friends, you can no longer see the list in sanctum.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far. Could you and @Arc give as much details about the affected characters if possible? For example:

  • How many friends does the affected character(s) have?
  • Does the issue occur when trying to warp to a friend on a particular world or any world?
  • Does the friends list consists of a mixture of PC / Mac / PS4 players?

And anything else that may be of interest.



On all of my characters that have more than 100 friends on the friends list, you can not see player names on the Character menu Friends list While in sanctum(You can see them fine outside of sanctum). If you look at it while in sanctum you see this :

If you look at the friends on the warp conduit you see this:

They both have more than 100 friends.

I got on an alt (Articlin) that has more than 100 friends (Importing from Steam friends gets me more than 100 characters on my friends list.). I then removed friends till i had 100 and I get the friends lists back when in sanctum. I can see them in my list, and see them in the warp conduit.

The Friends lists works fine on any character with more than 100 friends on their friends list on any planet. Issue is only present in Sanctum.

This bug has been going on for a while, You can find it in a few places. One was back in Release 190. Release 190 - Report issue here and Friend list Bug (which Virresss has a video of it) as examples from Apri of last year.

The issue only seems to affect those that have big friends lists.


Finally!!! ive been plagued by this bug for so long.

well the worst thing is when i invite a new friend that wants to try the game and we both start from the beginning with a new character. i cant warp to him i need to track him down or lvl up to the point i have enught coin to warp ther from the planet!! this need to be fix. its need to be easy to play with fiends that is new to the game XD


Thanks for providing the links. From looking at the Release 190 thread, I can see that @the-moebius had originally posted about this and I asked for more information at the time, but I don’t think there was any follow-up in that forum topic unless I missed a reply to it somewhere.

For the second link, I can see that @virresss originally posted in General instead of Support. Nevertheless, thanks for bringing that topic up here so that it can be seen in video form.

I added all the updated information here to the bug database for a software engineer to look at.


Cool! Yeah we have just sort of been living around it since early access hehehe.


My issue is purely in the sanctum. I actually saw it happen. I watched them blink away in front of my eyes never to return. Right after i added my psn network friends. They where there and after when i viewed it i watched them go poof never to return. I do believe all of my Oortians are affected.


Has this all been working fine since the update this week?


My lists where all fixed but others I know on PS4 are now complaining
there list are not showing up in sanctum. Thanks again for all your help and efforts :slight_smile:


Oh, it’s still a problem for other players? Could those players affected submit screenshots?