Fuels comparison

Did you ever go to a shop and was offered
for example
24.3c per hard coal that you plan to mass compact yourself
18.5c per compact soft coal

and wonder which one is “cheaper”?

You can probably do what I am trying to build into an excel sheet and it would work just as well if not better but I want to build a site and decided to start with this because I wanted to know this info for my own uses.

The web page: https://boundlesstoolsofthetrade.000webhostapp.com/fuel-calculator/
Note its work in progress, numbers may be inaccurate and theres no home page yet and is hosted on a free hosting site heh.

the first tab is for comparing prices, you put price of ones you’re interested in and it outputs how much your paying per heat/spark on the next column.
Case in point you can enter the 2 values from above to their respective rows and then compare how much each one is “worth” in terms of fuel/coin in the efficiency output column

the second tab is for putting in how much efficiency you want and it outputs how much it would cost.
For example, I want to put in a shop a bunch of different coals with similar pricing / heat, you can input an efficiency number and it will spit out values how much each source is worth to be the same value

or if you are crafting something and you want to shop for fuels you can place a limit to how much heat should cost you, you can put in the efficiency then you have an upper limit of costs per source so its easier to calculate how much you would need to add to your crafting costs.

Now comes my problem.
I have no idea if this is worth anything to anyone else - I wanted feedback to know if its any use.
The UI is ugly. Just looking at it, it doesn’t feel intuitive nor pretty and it feels possibly confusing.
I didn’t put the kindling yet or the enriched stuff because I think they suffer a similar problem I have with the coal infused combustion particle in that I don’t know how to divide the cost into two things right now I just made their energy contributions as the split but I don’t know, feels awkward.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think, should I finish it? what should I put in if so?
I need the formula for reducing spark costs but no one seems to know it yet, I found someone estimating it though.

Thanks for reading!


I have done some of this as napkin math before. I will admit your site is a bit hard to read, but could be worse. I’m always looking for the “most spark per coin” when I am out hunting for fuel in the market. I will try to use it next time I’m out and see how well it really works in practice.

Thanks for reply

any suggestion how to clean it up?

also be careful I still need to double check my numbers.
its more proof of concept at the moment, to see if there is any use for anyone else…

mostly the terminology you used, idk what the mass savings const. or the weighting mean.

I’ve always used (spark of item/coin) and use that for just the raw cost fuel cost per coin, but then add in consideration when it needs to be processed (like compacted coals)

((output spark value of crafted item x number of items gained in mass craft) - spark cost for mass craft) / (base spark per item x number needed for mass craft)

in the case of cost I move it around a bit, for instance, say 1 hard coal is 25 coins, then hard coal is 800/25 or 32 spark per coin, but if you compact it its:

360 x 25 = 9,000coin investment
then use that to modify the final output of the compact value equation.
((15,000 x 50) - 40,000) / (800 x 360) = 2.465277777 repeated of course.

meaning the value of the compacted coal is roughly 2.47 times more efficient than the base item, so you use that to multiply your spark per coin investment, or if you buy enough to mass craft you are paying about one coin per 78 spark or if you want to go the other way:

710,000/9,000 which still gets to your about 78 spark per coin.

that’s the two ways I know how to do it, in um complicatedly explained fashion, again this is napkin math, I could be a bit off here, but I know that when I buy hard coal just to multiply the spark value by about 2.47 (1,976) before I divide by the cost per item of hard coal, when I am planning on mass crafting it into compact before throwing it into either a spark generator or furnace.

I hid all the numbers that’s suppose to be background in the css.
I hope that solves much of the issues for now.

Hmm maybe I am complicating my math
the way i calculated the efficiency was basically
((sparkoutput - sparkcosttoproduce) / pricetag)/ themassproductionconstant

but the themassproductionconstant is basically for hard coal is 360/50… which is 7.2

as far as “weighting” goes… i didnt know how to handle the coal infused combustion particle or whatever its called.
The 5 hard coal + 5 compact combustion particle.
I could in theory just split it half and half but then they can look confusing, because it makes coal allowed to be more expensive than for compact hard coal and would equal the value of compact combustion particle.
so i “weighted” them by 800/(800+2250) for hard coal
and 2250/ (800+2250 )for compact combustion particle

I would make a spreadsheet with all the spark values for fuel, then put in average butt prices and figure out the cost in coin per 1000 spark for each item.

You have created a nice calculator.
Especially the Input Efficiency page is useful for me. Using a value of 100 there comes close to my usually used prices. This gives a nice base to compare against.
The Input Prices page is too much typing for my taste. I am usually calculating those things on the fly.

What I noticed is that the values for “trunk => sticks” and “trunk => timber” are too low by factor 10.

Thanks, You were right, it was off by a factor of 10.
That part should be fixed now.

Yeah when I built this I started with the efficiency page, not liking having to input many numbers either.
but it wasn’t useful if u wanted to compare prices directly, it was more for setting reference points i think.

But I am not sure where I would pull numbers from or if there is a place, how to do it (yet)

dkpuncherello mentioned something I am not entirely sure what? something about butt prices?
I am assuming thats short for something…

Thanks for fixing.

BUTT is Boundless Universal Trade Tracker
It is also a web page and shows buy and sell prices of Boundless items. Data comes from a price gathering program which people can run to collect prize data.

As far as I know there is no API but you can directly go to pages. For example compact hard coal https://butt.boundless.mayumi.fi/#item=COAL_HARD_COMPACT
The page itself is just nested divs with speaking names. Should be quite easy if you want to parse it.

Nice work, if you’d like to get access to the prices on BUTT send me a PM, I might have something to help with it.

The price calculator I have here Boundless Pricer has a similar feature on the top right.

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wow nice.
and that is very kind of you, I may send a pm at a later date but
I might just wait for the official shopping API… I hear there is one coming yea?.

Honestly, right now, I am more interested in how you got it to look like that lol, particularly the tree branching thing on the left. :slight_smile:

Yes there’s the API coming, no date yet though.

The tree is just nested divs generated with a recursive javascript function, then some CSS to make it look nicer :slight_smile: