Fun idea: forging reactions! 😃

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Could be a lot of fun sharing the reactions of forgers while messing up/RNG tricks one over :smiley: got to hear the voice reaction of a friend recently, I hear also @HOST and know very well how I partly swear or complain while forging ^^ I don’t have a microphone myself, but everyone who’s feeling comfortable sharing, feel free to do so! :laughing:


Mine would be way too sweary.


I find forging fun. If I found my self cussing at a game or part of a game I think I might play another game.

You’ve never sworn in a game that you enjoy? Most games have some sort of irritating aspect. I too enjoy forging, I like the gambling aspect of it. it still makes me swear though.


I have in my competition days. I did a lot of FPS shooter tournaments and what not and found myself cussing a few times. The main difference there is when I personally make a mistake or well just get owned constantly.

Then again I seldom cuss because I have learned that if I cuss on a constant basis it loses its impact. If I reserve for those times when I want to really make a point it seems to have a greater affect.

Dropping an F bomb and watching the reaction to people that have seldom heard that from you is pretty impactful and usually makes people realize you mean business.

Do I cuss in a game that I enjoy? Rarely…


Agreed … I play a game like Far Cry 6 or Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on the hardest difficulty and I swear the funny bits on the ends of my moobs off.

((( i don’t really have moobs … i just wanted to make that make sense in a forum friendly way :smirk: )))

It doesn’t mean they’re awful, and / or I’m not enjoying myself.

It’s the same with Chuckie Egg, or Mario, or Sonic.

Hard games get sweary.

I don’t like randomness, though … so I would swear a LOT more here. However, thankfully, forging is a tiny part of this game.


Oh I swear frequently, I’m a very chill person so I rarely get super serious. I don’t need swear words to take a person down though, so I’m not worried about impact haha

However, if you swear when you’re frustrated and you find yourself frustrated a lot in a game then I agree, you should probably move on. Gaming is supposed to be funtimes.


plus i generally swear a lot anyway.

even for a brit.

which is another reason i shouldn’t be on discord.


I think it’s cultural too, I’ve come to find that us brits like our swears and they mean something way more intense across the pond. Especially female dog

Remember when I called Rhino a B @shortyd856 and all the Americans went nuts haha and I was like :woman_shrugging:t3:


For sure … I lived in NYC, and whilst … well … whilst NYC/Boston is a lot closer to us in that (and many other) sense(s) … they’re still a puritan lot of whom you should not covet their sisters or brothers wantonly.


le sigh

Let’s hope it doesn’t need to be said that I don’t actually think that America is full of puritans :wink:


A Becky?
That’s harsh :joy:

I am not British but I thoroughly enjoy foul language
I have my current customer service voice on for internet usage


Yeah, a big ole Becky.

I’m with you, bad language makes me feel happy haha.


It has a quality that makes it vividly descriptive in a way being clean just cannot touch
I never use it toward anyone, but I definitely use it quite liberally in regular conversation and grew up with a certain generation who have a very difficult time processing the filth I say, hence the customer service voice


I never use it aggressively. But yeah, I’ve heard some fantastically creative sentences using bad language and, my god, it’s glorious.


Swearing is just punctuation in Glasgow. It’s when we aren’t swearing, and calling you ‘pal,’ that you need to be prepared for trouble!


That’s pretty much my motto. If I’m not swearing, a storms brewing.



I truly honestly envy you. Forging regularly brings me to the edge of uninstalling Boundless :sweat_smile:


I quite enjoy forging. And the mathematician (and gambler) in me loves RNG :wink:


I Personally Stream Forging to my guild in discord to show how awful the rng is with it. They get a hoot out of it while i borderline wanna punch a monitor watching my materials go out the window.