Fun idea: forging reactions! 😃

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Great. How to encourage all the rest of the forgers to quit the game.

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I would hope no one quits lol … quite the opposite. DAMMIT… I mean … sorry that was the best I could do.

That makes sense! Now I understand the whole B thing. @HOST had a time in his life where he lived in London and he calls me ALL the time ‘female dog:wink: :laughing:


Haha I was the one!

Was the most ridiculous few rounds, I’ve never had such rough luck for some simple hammers like that ever!


Well, were not the easiest or were they? :smiley: yeah was funny hearing you swearing fk! :rofl: wouldn’t have expected that. Lol. But yeah didn’t say the name cause I respect you my friend and wasn’t sure if I can just throw that out like that :smiley: but deffo very funny ^^


@Spoodle calls me it all the time too. I find it funny haha


One of the best answers I ever got was on this topic:


Oh trust me, anyone who’s been in chat with me while I’m forging, knows my pain lmao


i would forge all day if just would have mats… Thats kinda the biggest turn off For me In forging.

Im not much of a Hunter so my stuff For forging comes from shops… And those are pricy… Say whatever you want but i have always think that forging should be more accessiable For players. Its big turn off When you forge few hammers Then you run out of mats… Especially if you are not enjoying hunting Or so… Trading could be great option but thats almost gone from the whole game… Sadly.


Hmmm. I’m afraid my forging video is probably not meant to be heard by the community as it would tarnish my otherwise angelic name. :eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Honestly one of the biggest pains is exactly that. Farming and hunting all of the materials on your own and then RNG burning all your materials that you worked hard on and in the end not even having a batch of tools or Totems or whatever that you wanted. I did all on my own, maybe 2% I would have bought myself like some cobalt or olivin or so which is cheap and prevents from a bit extra work. And then working on Totem looters for example and having an insane amount of bad luck and RNG… that’s what made me quit forging actually. Spending hours on trying, on farming, hunting, not getting one stack and then need to repeat the farming… that was just not worth it. And yeah I never used money before for any block or so. Just always tools or coils. And that bit of money I made with forging was not enough for me to be ever interested in making it my business. Just did for some Regen farms and own usage

Edit:need to add that I don’t enjoy hunting too much either