FUN, non-OP way to bring back our beloved bomb mining =)

Had a genius moment and figured out the perfect way to bring back bomb mining - make a new type of placeable block called Explosives. At the low end they would cause damage in a 3x3 flat square perpendicular to the point of ignition/impact and would also set off all other explosives within a few squares. Higher quality explosives would be required to 1-shot blocks on higher tier worlds. The purpose wouldn’t be the size of the explosion so much as the power, although higher end exposives may destroy a 3x3x3 cube. This would perfectly bridge the gap for players trying to break into the gem wall and be just plain fun in general. You could either dig a long hole and pack it with explosives or place a wall of explosives like this:

Make Boundless Fun Again

(Jk lol Boundless is still plenty fun)


or just accept it and move on.


Pretty much.


Or they could make a unique bomb for each material, ‘Mining Bomb’ for example.

Literally rip the stats from Hammers, and stick it on a bomb you throw. Does the same damage, same animation speed.

But add 2 changes. First, it comes with 3x3 built in. So it blows up on contact and deals damage to 3x3 blocks.

And secondly, it can NOT be forged. In ANY way, shape, or form.

Whala! There you go. Bomb mining. Only took me 30 seconds to see the solution.


so you want them to waste resources making a bunch of random bombs… no… just no…

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who wasting resources? The Devs? They don’t even need to add any special icons, or draw special animations or anything. They just need to literally copy the Bomb stuff, and replace the stats.

Literally 5 minutes of ‘Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste, Change name, and remove being placable in forge’


The market is flooded with gems, we don’t need bombs back. The market is crashing, even I am pulling out of mining. This would make it worse.

It was a thing, it was nerfed leave it at that and move on.

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Why? It created a fun gameplay style many people loved. Some abused it, but some liked using bombs.

Just make bombs a different flavor of Hammer, but with some differences and restrictions. Namely it get 3x3 out of the gate, but you can’t forge it, meanwhile Hammers can be forged with not just 3x3 but many other effects too, like extra dmg and durability too.

Unforged tools, Bombs would be better than normal hammer. But a Forged hammer will always be better than the Bombs.

Give and Take, and it doesn’t change the flow of the game, doesn’t flood the market with more gems, and would make people happy. Is that really such a bad thing? Giving the players something balanced and new that most of them want back?


It has a role it fills. it allows you to massivy clear areas, and gain no resources. Anything else is too much.

The market already has gone from me being able to push thousands of any type gem @500c a day to barley being able to sell 200 @400 a day. The gem market is dead, no need to add more trouble too it.

I… I don’t think you quite understand what is being discussed in this thread, or you’re talking about a while different issue.

We’re talking about just copying hammers, and turning them into bombs, yes?

I’m not talking about being able to forged 12x12 1 hit destroying, massive crater making bombs. I’m talking about bombs that act the exact same as a Forged 3x3 hammer.

That has nothing to do with Gems, or how gem regen is working, or how well you sell gems, or anything to do with gem in any way, shape, or form, other than that there would be some bombs made out of gems, like there would be iron bombs and gold bombs.


Then what would we use to clear large masses of land? We don’t need two items that do the same thing. I am sorry.

Well I tried. Sorry @Krollbar that we got a little side tracked in your thread, but it was mostly on topic.

I honestly don’t see why Bomb Mining can’t still be a thing, as long as it’s a different item than the normal bombs, under a new tool name to use, and balanced against Hammers.

The reasons for Bomb Mining to be nerf’d was 2 fold. First, being that the normal bombs were never meant for mining, only destroying blocks, and people figured out a way to destroy rocks, but not do enough damage to break resources. Thus they can destroy all the rocks, and leave the minerals exposed to be mined with a hammer afterwords.

Secondly, the Forged effect on Bombs was INSANE before the nerf, it wasn’t like hammers, mining in a 3x3 area. They were mining at 12x12x12 massive square holes and destroying the entire landscape.

But that does NOT mean they cant come back later, and make a version of bombs that IS balanced with hammers and useful for mining. They can even call the mining bombs ‘Bombs’ and the destroying/restoration bombs we have now ‘TNT’.

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I just like to line up TNT and watch it explode. The only purpose other than that is to bridge noobs into AoE hammer mining. It will never be remotely on par with forged hammer mining in terms of material cost or effectiveness. This isn’t to beat a dead horse - let’s just add something fun! Make videos of entire mountings going KaBOOOOOM after an hour of prep. Fun!

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I love the idea. Don’t see why we wouldn’t have this in game and I don’t see why things wouldn’t be discussed and why we would move on? If you’re not in that kind of thing just go live your life. Devs won’t waste their time anyway if something is not in alignment with their perspective.

Yeah I’d love this kind of bomb since it would make strip mining nicer. That’s the way I like it :wink:

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Yeah it bugs my OCD having all that sand and gravel left behind at random while strip mining.

Hmm the chaining would probably have to be relative to the orientation of the block instead, otherwise it won’t chain right. It’s all for Mr. Torgue anyway.

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A fun way but calculating a chain reaction for many players could be stressing for the servers

You are not the only one play this game lol
There are still a lot of people support bomb mining in this game.
We have right to give our opinion as well.


Sure, but you’re still hanging out with a fake C-137 just saying.

If they ever add PvP we could use explosives for breeching charges :joy:

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