Future of my world roads

So im not sure where I should put this or if I should pm a Dev about it, but I would also like some feedback form others.

Its about the new compactness of beacons and I know its not finished yet, but I have some roads going all around 2 worlds, they go in a straight line and they are plotted x2 wide both from N to S and E to W.

  • Made sure not to force merge anyone
  • each beacon is around 2500 plots

To be honest I dont care about my prestige, I just like building and im fine with 0 prestige on my roads.
I hope I dont have to deplot them because I’ve put alot of work into them.
But I also galdly remove them if need be :heart:

What do you guys think I should do?


Like a few others that are in the same situation as you (included me) I would and (I will) keep the roads but use less valuable blocks and replace the ones that do.
The thing is the roads gives opportunities for others to connect and if u find a few nice people and they like to join do you really want to start plotting roads again? Or just expand your current roads? So if I were you keep the roads as they are but use materials that wont damage your prestige loss as much.

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You know you can also connect with people via portals.
Planetary roads only connect prestige and footfall, not people.


Ooh sorry I did not know we had portals please tell me more about it


I know many players hate the world spanning roads but I found them very useful during the last Gleambow event, even the roads on Bittula. Hopefully this won’t stop everyone from making useful roads and bridges.

If they are useful yea and have others connect to you by roads and be part of the settlement if they require it gives that different feeling compared to portals and such

Many people will feel uncomfortable after the next update. Many will not be able to continue their plans due to the inability to reserve territory of any form. (if i understood correctly) I noticed that only those who are worried about personal gain write about this on the forum. :joy:
Other people will find an opportunity to adapt to these changes and will not suffer because of it.

I have seen a lot of beautiful places that were disfigured and lost for housing and construction for the sake of “useful” roads.

I have a twofold feeling, but i have never used these roads and they were not useful to me. Often they are cut through all obstacles and disfigure the environment. The desire of one person to unite all in one pile, the pursuit of rating and footfall - an occupation of dubious value.


ive always found the planetary wide road on Delta Cancret to be a massive eyesore personally, so much so that I specifically sought to build away from them. I think less of those are good.

But at the same time, this is boundless, so everyone should be free to build what they want regardless of my or anyone elses opinion (so long as they don’t trap or force merge players).

As long as your not doing the latter, you should be good i believe


my personal experience with roads: when I was a noob, I avoided them, because it looked like something big is planned there and I didn’t want to get in the way. even if the sign said ‘settlers welcome’ I wasn’t sure if that also meant me. now I avoid roads because I realized that I can make my own road and have 100% control over it. now when I want to connect with someone, I find the fella, do a /wave, we do some planning, and each of us builds their half to their liking, we meet in the middle.
also I own one road. it is the only true road (3wide long thing) on antar VI to the best of my knowledge, it is about 100 plots long and connects 2 large parts of our city. I often check the atlas, from time to time I notice new dots all around the place, but none anywhere near this road ( and it is a damn nice road may I add :smiley: )
I guess my point is that even the best of intentions are sometimes unwanted


Evidently youre either oort rich or independently wealthy because oort currently runs at 250 so hrmmm Road or buy oort?

We already know theres the anti road folks here but heres the thing THERE ARE some ppl who just enjoy building roads maybe folks that even are handicapped or kids or folks that cant ordont want to build a proper building so we throw those people out of Boundless? No wonder folks are leaving in droves.


I would love to turn off my settlement status of the roads if I could and footfall I dont care about ;D

I just make something that I think would look nice, even if the prestige is set to 0 :slight_smile: High tier or low tier.

Takeing a break from building them until I know if I should remove them or not.

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Remind me again why a road is useful?

You do not move faster on a road versus the ground. I understand a bridge or a tunnel through a particularly steep mountain, but how is a road that spans 100’s of plots across a fairly flat landscape useful? I can see where it can create problems for players that might have wanted to build in an area but now they have a road that is a barrier to their expansion or can do as was mentioned discourage players from building because they have no idea of the intentions of the player that built the road.


For me its not about it being useful it is simply just something I wanted to build :heart:



I think that because I wanted to see if I could is a valid reason to do it. I know there are several things I have built because I wanted to see if it was even possible. But is it a valid reason for the developers to continue to allow it when other players use them for forced merges?

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My entire deal is where do we draw the line? No roads? ok no more roads No towers ? Ok no more towers no big cities larger then 1000 plots? ok You see the slope were on? If you dont its just because maybe YOURE the elitist that needs the game to play to YOUR standards and well enjoy your emptiness soon enough.


It seems to me that you were very altruistic in your aspirations. I do not address anyone personally, there are always exceptions. I am very sorry that some people will be more inconvenienced than others, but we must always think about others, especially when building something in planetary scale.

PS: I understand correctly that after the update, we will not be able to reserve territory of any form? That is, it makes sense to reserve a territory before updating, with the hope of bringing it to the correct conditions? I want to build a few towers and a few more structures (high and irregular shapes), but I probably won’t be able to do that after the update, right?

@Conkuur It is enough to spend 2-3 hours to hunting to fill up your portal for a long time. We have two ways - to complain or to adapt.

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Same planet portals are incredibly cheep if you make them 1x2 :wink:
I bet it’s a lot cheeper then building 3 plot wide planet wide prestige dumps.


No new ppl can not create portal you know this so just STOP!

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And thats because of the lack of game knowledge not accessibility.
After the 1.0 launch were we all started from scratch I had my portals running on the first day.

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