Game crashes when trying to join a server

When i try to join a server (not the main server but a eu west kind of server) the game just stops working… there is no error message or anything it just stops and windows says program stoped working.
I have never joined a world becouse it keeps crashing

using: windows 7

Can anyone help me I really want to play the game

Can you try playing the dx11 version? Right click on the game name from the game list and access the beta tab. Select the dx11 version. Let us know if this works for you.

Already tryed it and the 32bit version to … no matter what i do with the launcher setup or the beta versions nothing works it comes to server selection and if I click one it just stops working …

Can you share a gist of the game log?


Sorry for the " it wouldnt let me post it otherwise :sweat_smile:

(I hope it is the right file else you’ll have to tell me where to find it)

Sorry i tryed that 1st link myself and it didnt work

this one did work

It’s not obvious from the log what is wrong. I will need to check with the other devs for ideas.

Can you let me know the following:

  1. Have you ever been able to enter one of the worlds? (Or has it always failed.)

  2. Can you confirm the Steam version you’re running?

For example my Steam version is:

My steam is on auto update so its the version it is the most up to date version.
And i have never been able to join a world :frowning: (thats the reason why I was so dissapointed)


But can you still quickly confirm the version of Steam you’re running. It’s worth checking.

The most common fix is updating the graphics drivers to the latest version. Have a look on the AMD site, there a version 15.7

Where exacly can i find that information in steam ?

I have updated my drivers and it still does the same thing ):

I have vound it

Could it be a problem that the game is located on my D:/ disk and my OS is on my C:/ ssd ?

Ok thanks. Steam versioning is fine.

I’ll try installing it on my ssd just for trying sake

Well it was worth the try but it still crashes wen i click on a world

Can you confirm the version number of the graphics drivers you now have installed?

Sorry it is dutch