Game unplayable

I wasn’t able to play at all tonight cuz it kept saying unplayable. Is this a common problem? This has happened to me a few times now. Other online games worked fine though.


I am currently having issues with connection to EU planets but other planets are fine.

Well i have time to time game saying that in Aus servers (im from northern europe).
It doesnt affect me much tough.

I would check settings… theres a lot of stuff you can tweak

Is it just specific planet you are having trouble with?

I would check Drivers too that those are updated.
Also steam… it tends to lag when it needs update (also you could try booting it)

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Having also Problems i am from Germany Connection to all US Servers are awefull .
Playing on PS4

Raxxa is working just fine for me, so is Alder.

edit: USA East, connected to USA East Planet (Raxxa)

I sometimes hit this site when I’m having problems. If your connection to the data center the planet you’re trying to connect to is bad, you know there’s some other transient problem or routing issue, and you can stop trying to frustrate yourself with configuration questions and whatnot.

I was getting so frustrated one day and then I started pinging the datacenters and I had an 11 second ping time to the amazon data center in virginia, which is where my home planet is I think.

It’s the internet so, sometimes it’s just wonky.

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Got it, thanks everyone. I’ll look into those potential fixes. :smiley:

All planets for me are down. I can’t look into any portal without timing me out and returning me to sanctum.

I’ve discovered it’s only certain planets that cause me grief. I foolishly picked a non US planet to build on. Time to find a new place to build :blush:

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Yesterday I was having problems with the European severs part of the day. I’m in North America and the European servers are hit and miss sometimes. They are better than they used to be I think.

Location isn’t the only problem. Concerning “unplayable connection” time of day is a real factor to. As spend a lot of time playing (normally) and there are certain moments connections are “Blegggh” :wink: because more people of an other region are coming on.

End up avoiding certain locations at certain times just because they are annoying to walk around at those times.

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Usually between about 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST most days the AUS & EU planets start to give me problems to some extent.

While I have absolutely no evidence to support this next statement, I believe it: I think that as the “work day” on the East Coast to the West Coast winds down all the companies out there who use the server farms / networks (whatever you want to call it) that Boundless uses, get taxed with everyone’s backups for the day. Which results in the degrading you see until the load gets less.

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Daily since the last update, and it occurs in all regions, including my home region. Started again right now. It likes to lock me behind portals when it does this. I have noticed it becoming worse each day, lasting longer, so everyone must be off for the holidays. (Incidentally, Boundless takes much longer to load since the last update, too.) Assuming it is Google’s servers since everything else works fine.

Here’s a thread from one weekend when i did have a serious problem. Turned out there were problems all over the web but towards the end it may have helped them find an issue with some internal amazon routing:

I’m posting it because there are some additional resources there including them talking about cloudfront, the CDN service that provides some of the data aside from the individual planet servers and login servers, if you want to poke around.

Scrolled back through this thread I don’t see that anyone specifically mentioned the chunk download rate or whatever it’s called in boundless. If you have a stable but slowish connection you can adjust that to affect how much the game is trying to pre-load.

I’ve occasionally had some problems like others here mention, around specific times of day and whatnot, but have enough going on here I was usually able to see that several services “suddenly” had problems in these consistent patterns and eventually, the ISP replaced the main cable for our whole neighborhood.

The Raxxa server is horrible right now. The unstable connection caused a death penalty from a high rise fall. :rage:

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